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Seated Vajrasattva (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

Natural Brass
Gold Silver
Seated Vajrasattva (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)
Vajrasattva, or Tibetan Buddhist Deity is a bodhisattva that represents the principle of purification in Tibetan Buddhism. The extraordinary practices of Vajrasattva are common to all of the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Vajrasattva is associated with the sambhogakāya and purification practice in Tibetan Buddhism. These practices are used by the Vajrayana students to progress beyond Ngondro practices and to purify any broken samaya vows after initiation. Vajrasattva practices are considered essential in Tibetan Buddhism and the Vajrasattva mantra is said to have the ability to purify karma, bring peace, and harmony and enlighten its devotees.

This beautiful sculpture of seated Vajrasattva is made up of brass. He is sitting in Padmasana with a vajra (thunderbolt) in his right hand, which is a male polysemic symbol that represents the potency and indestructibility of a peaceful and enlightened mind. While he carries a bell in his left hand, which is simply a female symbol, denoting prajna (wisdom).

Having seated Vajrasattva at your home will help you have what you have been seeking for long now that’s – PEACE! Yes, peace is what we all are yearning for, and it is said that having a seated Vajrasattva idol at home or even at your workplace will help you keep your mind calm and composed throughout the day. You can even practice Focused Meditation on Vajrasattva’s sculpture at your home. Or you can even practice Mantra Meditation as Vajrasattva mantra is said to purify karma and bring peace and harmony in one’s life. Besides, you can even consider creating a beautiful mini Zen Garden with seated Vajrasattva in it. This is A MUST HAVE statue for the ones seeking to have divine joy and limitless bliss.

So, don’t wait to buy this beautiful sculpted statue! His divine presence will make your spiritual journey easy and worthwhile!

Item Code: ZDS02
Brass Statue
10.5 inch x 8.0 inch x 3.5 inch
2.8 kg

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