Shri Swami Samarth of Akkalkot

Shri Swami Samarth of Akkalkot

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The extraordinary 19th century Indian spiritual master of Dattatreya sect from Akkalkot, located in Maharashtra is known to spiritually enlighten and has been bestowing his devotees with compassion, peace, and harmony. He showed the path of love along with charity and devotion where there was no room for anything divisive like caste or class systems.

The skilfully sculpted sculpture of Swami Samarth from brass in his usual posture of Gomukhasana, with one leg placed on the other and his left-hand placed behind him for support while the right-hand rests on top of the corresponding leg symbolises him completely calm and composed. His body is slightly tilted towards his right as he sits on a yogi’s tiger skin and adorns the mala of rudraksha with sacred marks all over his body signifying piousness and his supreme stature. He used to attain this posture either for doing meditative penance or while giving a discourse to his disciples which reflected his reverberating and radiating love for the entire mankind. The statue is placed on top of a rectangular pedestal to enhance his divinity.

Swamiji believed that by doing the welfare of others one can receive the divine grace and taste the ambrosia of liberation. Swami Samarth’s teachings enable the practitioner to acquire the qualities of kindness, care, wisdom, and tranquillity. ExoticIndia has brought forth exquisite brass sculpture of Swami Samarth with great reverence to provide divine joy and limitless bliss. To this day, his symbolic figure or statue known to bless his devotees cures their ailments and gets rid of their sufferings in spite of taking Samadhi two hundred fifty years ago. Every day his darshan will fulfill wishes of his devotees and lead them onto the path of spirituality. His divine presence constantly reassures his devotees- ‘Never be afraid and I am always with you.’

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Brass Statue
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