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Stylized Ganesha

Stylized Ganesha

This is a stylized statue of brass form of Lord Ganesha (the god of remover of obstacles and provider of happiness). The quirky long trunk is forming a ‘C’ and resting on his folded legs. A slight outstretch from the sides at the top represent his artistic ears. There is a small leaf like texture on the right knee symbolizing his hand blessing people for fearlessness. The sharp eyes are looking sideways. He has a unique shaivite tilak on the forehead shaped like that of a Trishul (trident); symbol of om on his trunk highlights his divine aspect in an artistic form.

This brass statue is very finely and artistically molded stating the sculptor’s patience and concentration, making it an effective garnishing to the house or office. Its unique shape is a great enticement to the eyes.

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Item Code: ZEN123
Brass Statue
16.40 inch Height x 10.00 inch Width x 5.70 inch Depth
6.0 Kg.

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