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Super Large Brass Planter

Super Large Brass Planter

The extremely magnified size of this artefact is something that enables a viewer to gaze at it unconditionally and continually; moulded like that of a headless trophy, with the base like an inverted bowl having a stylish dotted border, small and thick neck to support the large bucket shaped container at the top and a similar dot border near its brim; two ring handles on either sides to be used during the pot’s movement. This large planter can be used for indoor or outdoor cultivation of plants, patio and starting seeds. Use of these flower pots has enhanced the horticultural use of plants as they also enable transporting of plants from outdoor to indoor areas and vice-versa.

Use of a planter also enables heating and cooling process quickly so plant roots and microorganisms are not damaged as easily even when in sunny location. Distinctive shape, texture and color of this planter make it a one of a kind and can be a best decor for hotel or office receptions or open gardens.

Item Code: ZEN590
Brass Statue
37.50 inch Height X 29.50 inch Width x 29.50 inch Depth
42.40 Kg.

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