Superfine Lord Krishna Playing Flute

Superfine Lord Krishna Playing Flute

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Krishna, the all-attractive and the source of all opulences – fame, power, beauty, wealth, wisdom and renunciation, is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The gopis of Vraja always chanted the glories of Krishna and remained merged in the ocean of bliss for rendering service to Krishna and pleasing Him was their only desire. The ever youthful, heroic, compassionate, merciful and the protector of surrendered souls, Krishna, has extremely beautiful bodily features that cannot be rivaled anywhere in the entire creation. He is like the ocean of eternal beauty.

Krishna, the performer of wonderful pastimes, stands on a small round pedestal with its base designed in the shape of sharp petals facing the floor. His left leg is crossed over the right leg at the ankle forming the special three-fold bending form (tribhanga). 

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Brass Statue
25 inch Height x 10 inch Width x 7.9 inch Depth
14.4 kg

Adorned with all-over embroidered silk dhoti, several heavy ornaments and a garland of rose flowers, He appears fully satisfying for everyone to see. Note the enchanting sashes running around His waist down to the lotus feet. The moonlike face of Govinda is like rays of moonshine; His eyes like the lotus petals, sharp eyebrows, long nose and what to speak of the sweet gentle smile that He bears. He places the divine flute to His lips, plays upon it, and when its transcendental sound is heard by the residents of Vrindavan, they become charmed and dance in ecstasy. Finally, His head is decked with a tall crown topped with a full-blown lotus. Whoever sees this murti of the Supreme Lord sees a festival.

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