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Superfine Standing Krishna with Fascinating Crown

Superfine Standing Krishna with Fascinating Crown
A statement brass designed to grace the home of the finest of Vaishnava devotees. This supersized figure of the tribhanga murari is a skilful execution of the characteristic iconography of Lord Krishna. The body jutting out (‘bhanga’) at three (‘tri’) different junctures, the divine flutist (‘murari’) stands upon the pistil of a lotus bloom. Turned upside down upon an ornate pedestal, the same features three tiers, the middle one having been engraved with lotus petals.

The light of Nanda-Yashoda’s life, ravisher of the Vrindavan milkmaids (gopis). Lord Krishna is the most charming of the Vishnu-avataras; indeed, the sculpture that you see on this page does justice to that irresistible form and stance. A silken dhoti wrapped around His long legs, and a girdle of gold that holds it at the waist. Flowing sashes cascading laterally down the hips. Jewels and gold on that shapely torso and those lithe arms; and a solid, densely studded crown that curves sideways atop His head. From its zenith emerges a tassel of gold that grazes His ear. Finally, a face that pours forth untold beauty and wisdom.

There is much to this standing Krishna composition that makes it a superior work of art. The floral perforations down the length of His dhoti and the sheer density of the shringar. Of pure brass make, the colour is a relatively pale, washed out gold that goes with the soft, charming personality of the Lord.

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Item Code: ZEO328
Brass Statue
35.50 inch Height X 11.00 inch Width x 9.70 inch Depth
23.30 Kg.

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