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Swan Box

Amazing Natural Brass
Swan Box
Paramahamsa is a Sanskrit religio-theological title of honour applied to Hindu spiritual teachers who have become enlightened. The title literally means "supreme swan", and symbolises spiritual discrimination. The word 'Paramahamsa' itself, signifies one who is awakened in all realms. The swan is the vahana of the God Brahma. In the Vedas and the Purana, it is a symbol for soul and secrecy.

The clandestine to your wide storage here, is the all new ornamental swan sculpture, depicting the utmost artistry and beauty, while stocking your dearly possessions. Etched with sophistication, the engravings impression this craft on your mind forever, providing an evidence of perfect creativity at its peak as the golden hues illuminate the smooth brass surface.

Your secret is safe here, as the elegant swan is sculpted to curve her neck protectively around your valuables, with ultimate fineness and gentleness. The curve of her neck is perfectly portrayed in this figurine depicting a mindful keeper who boldly places her beak on the opening, threatening invaders, however, it is a welcoming sight for the owners.

Item Code: ZW04
Brass Statue
6.00 inch Height x 8.00 inch Width x 4.50 inch Depth
3 kg

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