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Ten wicks lamp with crafted peacock atop

Polish Brass
Natural Brass
Ten wicks lamp with crafted peacock atop
When we lit a lamp we move away from the darkness, misery, and chaos. The light radiated by lamp symbolizes the victory of bliss over sadness, kindness over greed and love over jealousy. It illuminates us towards true consciousness and brings forth the attitude of deep gratitude.

Ten wicks lamp of brass with a skilfully crafted peacock on top represents the exquisite collection of Exotic India. Each lamp is handcrafted to dispel the darkness and initiate true happiness in one’s life. The brass lamp has ten spouts with intricate floral designs around them. It has the elegant and beautifully crafted peacock on top which symbolizes Goddess Lakshmi as she is always seated near the sustainer, Lord Vishnu who’s Vahan (Vehicle) is a graceful peacock. The lamp is available in natural brass and polished brass form.

The beautiful motif (handcrafted peacock) reflects the traditional Indian context which brings beauty, grace, and divinity to our lives and homes. When we will decorate our living space with this ethnic Indian piece it will beautify our surroundings and enhance the elegance and brightness in our homes. It will become an intrinsic part of each celebration and bring forth the limitless rapturous moments. As and when our mind will recognize this artistic creativity it will gain tranquillity and serenity which will lead us to the state of Ananda (Bliss).

Item Code: ZEN481
Brass Statue
16.00 inch Height X 7.20 inch Width x 7.20 inch Depth
4.30 Kg.

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