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Tibetan Buddhist Ashtamangala Singing Bowl

Tibetan Buddhist Ashtamangala Singing Bowl

Singing bowls are a major symbol in Tibetan Buddhism for meditation and relaxation. It is a type of bell that vibrates and produces a rich and deep tone when played. It is a great stress reliever and harmonizes the body cells by balancing body’s energy system; famously used in Buddhist altars, temples, meditation halls, monasteries etc.

This is a green colored bowl having Ashtamangala symbols patterned on its outer body. These are the eight auspicious signs of teaching, towards enlightenment; endemic to various religions namely, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Names of these signs with their representations are: Dharmchakra (Gautam Buddha and dharma teaching), conch (deep and melodious sound of dharma), dhvaja (victory flag of Buddha’s win over hindrances in path of enlightenment), parasol (protection of being from illness), lotus (purity of blood, speech and mind), Bumpa or treasure vase (health, longevity, wealth, prosperity and wisdom), pair of golden fish (auspiciousness of sentient beings in a state of fearlessness of drowning) and endless knot (ultimate unity of everything). Inner base of the bowl also has a flower like sacred Buddhist symbol. Wooden stick helps in producing sound by banging inside the bowl. Bangle like cushion acts as the base of the bowl, having an embroidered green cloth with a combination of black.

Singing bowl enables to maintain peace and consciousness by its magnificent sound whenever used. The impression of Ashtamangala signs on the bowl makes it a more worthy, sacred and peaceful way of meditation and relaxation.

Item Code: ZEM958
Brass,Wood and Cloth
3.00 inch x 6.20 inch x 6.20 inch-Bowl
7 inch -Stick
0.9 Kg. -Weight of Bowl

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