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Tibetan Buddhist Deity Gautama Buddha

Tibetan Buddhist Deity Gautama Buddha

Well robed Gautama Buddha sits in Padmasana on a solid lotus carved pedestal, with its petals highlighted in multiple layers and taken over by Jataka carvings at the back. Eyes closed in dhyana and right hand in bhumisparsha mudra i.e. touching the mother earth as a witness to the truth of his words and left hand faces upwards on his feet carrying a patra, also called the begging bowl symbolic of the head of the monastic order.

Buddha here wears a luxuriously carved robe inspired by the Jataka tales. These are a voluminous body of literature that concerns the previous births of Gautama Buddha in both human and animal form, as is evident from the supreme carvings of elephant, deer, god etc, future Buddha can be in any of these forms.

One more enticing feature of this robe is the blend of the Ashtamangalas (eight signs of good fortune) in its carving. They are depicted individually at certain spaces and are the attributes of Ashtamangala Devi (goddess of good fortune). Use of fillers in the form of stylistic spirals adds more worthiness to this beautifully carved sculpture.

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Item Code: ZEN483
Brass Statue
9.70 inch Height X 7.70 inch Width x 4.50 inch Depth
2.80 Kg.

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