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Tibetan Buddhist Lord Buddha

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Tibetan Buddhist Lord Buddha
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Carved in an amalgamation of ancient and royal color combination, this Buddha statue displays gestures of calmness and meditativeness; carved in a fine quality brass in a wooden look, self-texture; Buddha sits in padmasana wearing a simple and sober looking robe of the same color as his skin. The thin stylized border at the outer edges of the robe, differentiates it from that of his skin. The high browed eyes, gentle smiling lips and pointed nose highlights the perfect essence of meditation. The spiral dot on his forehead marks the third eye of wisdom, while the coiled matted hair, three lines on his neck of soulful voice and long earlobes are carved in their run-of-the-mill style.

Buddha’s left hand is placed on his laps holding the sacred begging bowl that marks him as the head of the order and right is held high facing outwards in vitarka mudra, forming the wheel of law by joining the thumb and index finger. Zoom in to have a look at the realistic lines on his palms, applauding sculptor’s peculiarity, precision and professionalism.

Having this sculpture placed in your house or office showcase or as a decorative corner, will magnify the divine aura and beauty of that place, forming an eye-catchy ornamentation.

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Item Code: ZEN640
Brass Statue
8.00 inch Height X 5.50 inch Width x 4.00 inch Depth
1.80 Kg.
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