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Traditional Lamp From Kerala (Vilakku)

Traditional Lamp From Kerala (Vilakku)

This is a special South Indian lamp, known as Vilakku in Tamil. It’s a symbol of light, peace and prosperity as we experience bright light and positivity by lighting up the lamp and the vibrant rays of it creates an alluring aura. The lamp has it’s own special place in Sanatana Dharma.

According to the yogic path of Kundalini Yog, there are seven principle chakras that influence practically every aspect of human being, including the physical body, mind and intellect. Just as there are seven chakras in this human body, there are paths for the flow of vital energy (Chetna). These are called Nadis or channels. According to Siddhas there are 72000 such Nadis in the human body.

Besides the spiritual significance this ornamental brass structure has an appealing look which easily attracts anyone and reminds us to move towards the right way of wisdom rather than wasting the precious time in materialistic joys.

Item Code: ZEN497
Brass Statue
23.50 inch Height X 8.20 inch Width x 8.20 inch Depth
5.20 Kg.

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