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Tribhang Murari Plays While The Cow Listens

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Tribhang Murari Plays While The Cow Listens
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Krishna is the choicest subject of Indian artisans. The most deeply loved of the Indian pantheon, it is also His great personal beauty that makes him a favourite with those who produce and patronise devotional-spiritual art. This Krishna murti has been handpicked for its apt portrayal of the highly characteristic deity. He is playing on the murali as He stands with His form jutting out in three places namely the shoulder, the hip, and the ankles. This is why He is called the Tribhanga Murari ('tri' in Sanskrit means 'three'; 'bhang', bent; and 'murari', one with the flute). He is a very devoted cowherd, and one of His beloved wards is standing right behind Him listening to the divine music that His flute exudes. The whole composition is on a pedestal as grand as they get, what with two layers of blooming lotus petals atop a row of engravings that resemble stacked-up scrolls.

The closely draped dhoti of richly embroidered silk, the handsomely sculpted torso that is bare but for the streams of necklaces that constitute His shringar, and the gorgeous sashes framing the entirety of His stature, are what bring out the Lord's youthful handsomeness to perfection. From the tips of His toes to the lobes of His ears, zoom in on each part of His physique to take in the beauty of His shringar. Each of His digits, the musculature of His limbs, and the superbly proportionate features of His countenance are said to be the hallmarks of a good sculpture. Note the multilayered crown and the multitiered halo that complement His gracious brow with the Vaishnava tilak.

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Item Code: ZEG11
Brass Statue
19.5 inch Height x 12.3 inch Width x 7.8 inch Depth
15.5 kg
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