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Varaha - Third of the 10 incarnations (Avatars) of Lord Vishnu

Super Antique
Double Chola
Greenish Gold
Natural Brass
Varaha - Third of the 10 incarnations (Avatars) of Lord Vishnu

The transcendental form of the Supreme Being is absolute, unconditioned and unlimited. Here's Varaha Dev who is the Boar form of Lord Vishnu incarnated to protect the Bhudevi (Goddess Earth). Facing towards his left, he stands in his majestic ‘chaturbhuja’ rupa. Lord holds his eternal ayudhas (implements) here which are Shankh (Conch), Sudarshan Chakra (The Divine Disc), Gada (The Weapon) and the fourth hand (lower right) represents his shower of mercy.

As this depicts the scene when Varaha brought the globe out of the cosmic ocean and also fought with the demon Hiranyaksh. His hair waves as he go upwards lifting the sphere shaped earth on his horns and the aureole behind the head looks like a blooming flower. He wears an elegant looking mukut (crown) over his head which consisits of vertical and horizontal patterns combined along with round patterns above.

His lotus 'petal-shaped' eyes looks relaxed and calmed which symbolises the satisfaction of the mission's completion of Godhead. His cool feet like moon are placed on the flat semi circled stand, having an inverted lotus below. God looks well adorned in traditional garments and ornaments all over the unnatural and immaculate body. As mentioned in the scriptures, ‘Alankaar Priya Vishnu’ (Shri Hari appreciates shringara), lord’s necklaces and earrings are putting a marvellous effect on this Arch Vigraha (Deity to be served by his devotees).

Item Code: ZM40
Brass Statue
7.6 inch Height x 3.8 inch Width x 1.7 inch Depth
1.7 kg

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