Vishnu Dashavatara Wind Chime

Vishnu Dashavatara Wind Chime

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A bronze artefact can transform your household decors to a different level of amazement, beautifying the entire room with its charming color and style. This Dashavatara wind chime is a perfect one to justify the beauty of bronze art. The heavy chain at the top is used to hang the chime and the attached parasol is uniquely shaped in a circular motion topped with a gumbad-like (dome) structure and forms multiple layers that increase in size as it comes down. You may zoom in to the image to appreciate the clarity of diverse patterns chiselled on each ringlet. Each Dashavatara deity is hung with a chain-forming two separate layers (short and long) of five hangings each.

Dashavatara deities are the divine ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu who descended in various forms and in various yugas for the sole purpose of defeating evils to flourish mankind. The sculptor has creatively carved these Dashavataras in their iconic postures, each standing on blooming lotus pedestals and arched in a stylized prabhavali decorated with coiled traditional patterns at the top. All these Vishnu incarnations- Matsya avatar (half man-half fish), Kurma avatar (half tortoise-half man), Varaha avatar (half man-half boar), Narasimha (half lion-half human), Vamana (dwarf Brahmin), Parashurama (Brahmin Kshatriya), Rama (destroyer of Ravana), Krishna (destroyer of Kamsa) and Hayagriva (horse head and human body) are carved maintaining their characteristic form of expressions, stance and implements.

The best part is that you can hang this Dashavatara wind chime indoors as well as outdoors on any ceiling or any other open empty space to embellish your ideas of home décor. Its beauty is further incurred when it produces sweet clinging sounds as the wind sways. If you are keen on a unique idea of decoration, don’t miss out on this Dashavatara wind chime; the beauty and formation of this artefact will make you go woo over it.

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