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Brahmapriya Devi Sarasvati

Brahmapriya Devi Sarasvati
She is the fairest Devi of the Hindu pantheon. She strums Her veena, cradled on the lap of a divine lotus. She lulls Her devotees with Her music and Her charm. She is the wife and the loved one (‘priya’) of Lord Brahma, who presides over the creative process (termed ‘srshti’ in Indian philosophy). She is the Devi of learning and the arts, crucial to that process. She is Devi Sarasvati, the beauteous daughter of the supreme Devi Durga.

A veena as long and limber as She is, rests in Her anterior hands: zoom in on the shapely fingers that harp on its strings, sculpted by the artisan with considerable skill and shraddha. Saraswati is clad in a resplendent gold saree, the pleats held in place by a sun-shaped kamarband. Two necklaces grace Her aanchal-clad torso. A choker clasps at Her poised neck, which is flanked by the length of Her thick, wave-like tresses. Her consummately sculpted face bears an expression of solemnity and reserve.

The lotus that seats Her is in proportion to Her figure. Its large, freshly bloomed petals have the same dewiness as Her supple skin. Seated in lalitasana, the feet of the pendant leg grazes one of the outer petals. Note the tinier lotus petals that seem to emanate like sun rays from Her halo.

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Item Code: ZCL05
Brass Statue
52 inch Height x 38 inch Width x 25 inch Depth
130 kg

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