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Wall-Mounted Vine-And-Peacock Altar

Wall-Mounted Vine-And-Peacock Altar
An open wall-mounted altar to house a range of your favourite deities. Fashioned from pure brass, it comprises a long shelf designed to be held in place by a couple of loops shaped like vines. On either side of the flat-topped structure is a thick, curvaceous tendril to add some compactness to the same. Irrespective of whether you choose to place just one or two substantial murtis or a multitude of smaller ones, such an altar would add to the aesthetics of your space.

To the front of the shelf, right underneath the surface, is a perfectly symmetrical length of vine. It curves thickly against it, its gorgeous golden curves a sight to behold. As such, it is similar to the pedestals found in traditional Indian iconography, so a solitary seated deity would look great on this altar. Zoom in on the vines in order to appreciate the finesse and attention to detail with which they have been executed in various sections of the composition.

The structure is seemingly held in place on the backs of a pair of peacocks. Poised on either end of the main shelf, their heads are bent forward and their tails curving graciously behind their arch backs. Note how the plumage of the birds seemingly blends in with the surrounding vines. They are perched on another section of closed vine each side, joined together by a bar protruding a few inches from the wall. One may hang thereon any of one’s pooja samagree (ritual implements).

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Item Code: ZEO487
Brass Statue
13.00 inch Height X 13.70 inch Width x 7.20 inch Depth
6.50 Kg.

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