Youthful Nair Woman With Pooja-Thali

Youthful Nair Woman With Pooja-Thali

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A strikingly lovely Nair woman gazes sweetly at your direction. She is formed in superb proportions: slender shoulders tapering down to a small waist, and wide-set hips. Her saree is wrapped tightly from above the bust downwards, revealing long, supple arms. A perfectly round face studded with soft features and characterised by gentle angles.

The image of the beauteous Nari woman is a legacy of Raja Ravi Varma, the great 19th-century painter. From the drape of the saree to the way the hair is gathered atop her head, everything about this murti draws from the iconic Nair Lady Adorning Her Hair painting by Varma. In this composition, however, she stands bearing a small plateful of flowers, probably as an offering to the deities of her clan.

The sculpture that you see on this page is made from cedarwood. It is a relatively soft medium to work with, even in the organic class, and may bear a faint scent with passing undertones of balsamic-camphoraceous. As such, the medium adds to the ethos of the Nair woman composition. Finally, the characteristic washed-out colour of the medium adds to the aesthetic of the work.

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White Cedar Wood Statue from Trivandrum (Kerala)
27.5 inch x 11 inch x 8.5 inch
3.29 kg
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