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Herbal Ayurvedic Products

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»  AMB86 : Hari Mandir Special Triphala Powder
»  AMB25 : Tulsi Green Gold Tea (A Herbal Remedy)
»  AMG43 : Trifala Ghrit
»  AME72 : Triphala Ghrit (Cure for all Sorts of Eye Diseases. It Increases Eye - Sight)
»  AMC84 : Organic India Liver-Kidney Care (Detoxifies, Purifies & Rejuvenates)
»  AMC49 : Lauq Sapistan Khayar Shambari (Unani Medicine)
»  AMC79 : Flexibility - Arthritis Relief
»  AMC83 : Immunity (Viral Suppressant & Immune Support) (60 Capsules)
»  AMA53 : Khadi Vedic Herbs Herbal Bath & Body Oil
»  AMC48 : Nagarjuna Saraswatharishtam with Gold- Ref Sahasrayogam (Ayurvedic Medicine)
»  AMD09 : Organic India- The Original Tulsi (A delicious blend of the finest Rama, Krishna and Vana Tulsi leaves.) 100% Organic Stress Relieving & Energizing, Rich in Antioxidants Caffeine Free, 25 Infusion Bags
»  AMB24 : Neem Azadirachta Indica Leaves Powder
»  AMN55 : Organic Green Cardamom Whole
»  AME25 : Hingwashtak Choorna
»  AMA25 : Khadi Vedic Herbs Apricot & Honey Cream Conditioner
»  AME29 : Punarnavadi Guggul (Sixty Tablets)
»  AMC56 : Sandu Madi Phala Rasayanam
»  AMB28 : 100% Herbal Hill Queen Himalaya Herbal Mehndi Kesha (To make the Hair Natural Black)
»  AMV97 : Fabindia Organics Sweet Basil
»  AME33 : Kanchanar Guggul (Sixty Tablets)
»  AMN52 : Organic Ajwain
»  AMC80 : Organic India Herbal Antibiotic Blood Purifier
»  AME24 : Sitopaladi Choorna
»  AMC50 : Maharishi Ayurveda Chitrak Haritaki (Ayurvedic Medicine)
»  AMB35 : Gastric-T (Hill Queen Herbal Products)
»  AMC82 : Organic India Weight Balance Metabolic Regulator
»  AME28 : Triphala Guggul (Sixty Tablets)
»  AME23 : Triphala Choorna (Mixture of Three Herbs Haritaki, Bibhitaka, Amalaki)
»  AMC81 : Organic India Osteoseal Bone Strengthener- Made with 100% Certified Organic herbs in vegetarian capsules (Pure- Safe- Effective)
»  AME30 : Gokshuradi Guggul (Sixty Tablets)
»  AME36 : Saptamrut Loha (Sixty Tablets)
»  AMA49 : Herbal Jasmine Hair Cleanser (Ayurvedic Shampoo) for Only Hairs
»  AMC87 : Jufex Forte Syrup Non- Sedative (Soothes, Sore, Throat, Checks Allergic & Congestive Cough Relieves Smoker's Cough)
»  AMN54 : Organic Cardamom Black Whole
»  AMB45 : Khadi Herbal Sat with Vanilla Almond Oil & Honey (Ayurvedic Shampoo)
»  AMA48 : Herbal Lemon Hair Cleanser (Ayurvedic Shampoo) Anti-Dandruff
»  AMA41 : Khadi Vedic Herbs Neem Face Wash
»  AME34 : Chandraprabha (With Loha-Shilajatu) (Fifty Tablets)
»  AME86 : Shankha Pushpi Syrup - With Brahmi (Bright Mind for Sound Learning)
»  AMN53 : Organic Clove Whole
»  AMN49 : Organic Kalaungi
»  AME37 : Amrutadi Guggul (Sixty Tablets)
»  AMC52 : Nagarjuna Brahmi Ghrutham- Ref Ashtamgahrudayam (Ayurvedic Medicine)
»  AMA03 : Santosh Jamun (Black Berry) Vinegar (Remedy for Diabetes)
»  AME84 : Ashwagandhadi Lehya
»  AMG41 : Brahmi Ghrit
»  AME87 : Tulsi Patra Churna (OCIMUM SANCTUM) Pure Herbal Powder
»  AME35 : Swayambhuva Guggul (Sixty Tablets)
»  AME22 : Avipattikar Choorna Bhaishajya Ratnavali (Amla Pitta) (Hyperacidity)
»  AME26 : Bhaskar Lavana Choorna
»  AMC54 : Maharishi Ayurveda Arvindasava (Ayurvedic Medicine)
»  AMC55 : Maharishi Ayurveda Sarivadyasava (Ayurvedic Medicine)
»  AMC47 : Nagarjuna Dhanwantharam Aavarthi 101- Ref Sahasrayogam (Ayurvedic Medicine)
»  AMC59 : Vyaghryadi Kashayam- Text Ashtangahridayam (Ayurvedic Medicine)
»  AMC63 : Jamun (Black Berry) Juice Dietary Supplement
»  AMA01 : Santosh Jamun (Black Berry) Vinegar (Remedy for Diabetes)
»  AMB95 : Deewal Ayurvedic Dandruff Treatment Oil (Pure Indian Herbs Remove Dandruff With Guarantee)
»  AMA47 : Herbal Neem Hair Cleanser (Ayurvedic Shampoo) for Normal Hairs
»  AMA75 : Janakshahi Ayurvide life Methi Churan
»  AMA88 : Khadi Deewal Chandan Herbal Sat
»  AMB14 : Khadi Herbal Sat with Conditioner (with Extract of Brahmi & Heena)
»  AMB15 : Khadi Herbal Shampoo with Honey & Lemon Juice
»  AMA67 : Khadi Vedic Herbs Aloe & Neem Cleansing Milk
»  AMB26 : Madhu Maar Churna (The Natural Treatment for Diabetes- A Herbal Remedy)
»  AMA09 : Satritha Herbal Hair Cleanser
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