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Men's Shawls

8.3 ft x 4.1 ft
8.5 ft x 4.1 ft

Men's Fashion - Layers

There is much to ethnic-wear for men in traditional Indian fashion, but nothing like a trendy little item of clothing to layer on with. In our collection of men's shawls and scarves, we have put together a number of statement pieces that men could layer over both a western or an Indian ensemble. From pure homegrown woollen shawls that would make you feel like a king, to signature scarves that would make you look glamorous on the milk run, this section has something for any and every occasion. A number of exquisite pashminas pepper the collection, the crown jewel of Indian textiles, the skill to produce and finish which is strictly limited to the craftspeople of Kashmir. The colour palette is unusual and distinctly masculine - solid blues and browns, varying tints and shades of grey, and generous proportions of ivory complemented by statement doses of embroidery. Some of the shawls in this section are designed to be worn to poojas and weddings, while most are versatile enough to be teamed with any and every outfit to be sported at a wide variety of occasions.