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Alternative Medicine Books

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The Art of Magnetic Healing
by M.T. Santwani
Paperback (Edition: 2010)
B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd

Item Code: NAK582
Price: $15.00
Yoga Hygiene Simplified
by Shri Yogendra
Paperback (Edition: 2007)
The Yoga Institute

Item Code: IDH065
Price: $15.00
Chyawanprash - From Vedic to Genomic Era
by Prof. J.K. Ojha
Hardcover (Edition: 2007)
Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan

Item Code: IDE094
Price: $35.00
Vagbhata's Astanga Hrdayam: 3 Volumes
by Translated By: Prof. K.R. Srikantha Murthy
Hardcover (Edition: 2004)
Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy

Item Code: IDE745
Price: $80.00
Homeopathy Cures: Where Allopathy Fails
by Dr. S. C. Madan
Paperback (Edition: 2005)

Item Code: IDF783
Price: $16.50
Acupressure: Self guide
by Dr. Rajeev Sharma
Paperback (Edition: 2009)

Item Code: IDG543
Price: $14.00
Healing Power of GEMS
by Dr. Gopal Sharma & Pr. Sewaram Jaipuria
Paperback (Edition: 2007)
Lotus Press, New Delhi

Item Code: IDJ503
Price: $16.50
An Ayurvedic Concept on Thyroid Disorders and Management
by Dr. D. V. Gupta
Hardcover (Edition: 2013)
Chaukhambha Orientalia

Item Code: NAF616
Price: $25.00
Garbha Vijnana (Embryology) (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)
by Dr. Sidheswar Sathua
Paperback (Edition: 2014)
Chaukhambha Sanskrit Sansthan

Item Code: NAG895
Price: $22.00
Clinical Panchakarma Made Easy
by Dr. Udaya Ganesha B.
Paperback (Edition: 2015)
Chaukhambha Visva Bharati

Item Code: NAK999
Price: $15.00
Roga-Marga An Unique Approach to Ayurvedic Practice
by Dr. Sou. Achala Bhimsen Kulkarni
Paperback (Edition: 2008)
Sagar Publications

Item Code: IDK576
Price: $17.00
Holy Basil Tulsi (A Herb)
by Yash Rai
Navneet Publications

Item Code: IHG053
Price: $11.50
The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India: Part-I, Volume-VII (Minerals and Metals)
Hardcover (Edition: 2008)
Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Department of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy, New Delhi

Item Code: NAC276
Price: $50.00
Raktapitta and Its Treatment
by M. Abhilash
Paperback (Edition: 2004)
Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal

Item Code: NAC310
Price: $10.00
Respiratory Diseases and Its Treatment Through Ayurvedic & Herbal Medicines
by Dr. Narendra Jain
Hardcover (Edition: 2005)
Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office

Item Code: NAI147
Price: $20.00
Rasopanisat (Rasopanisad)
by Prof. (Dr.) Gyanendra Pandey
Paperback (Edition: 2011)
Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy

Item Code: NAI227
Price: $28.00
तुलसी: Tulasi (An Old and Rare Book)
by आचार्य ब्रह्मदत्त शर्मा (Acharya Brahmadatt Sharma)
Hardcover (Edition: 1989)
Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy

Item Code: NZF303
Price: $25.00
कन्या वामा जननी: Kanya Vama Janani
by डॉ. अरुण कुमार मित्र (Dr. Arun Kumar Mitra)
Paperback (Edition: 2007)
Radha Krishn Prakashan Pvt. Ltd.

Item Code: NZH542
Price: $25.00
Lectures On Ayurveda (Kottakkal Ayurveda Series: 50)
Paperback (Edition: 2010)
The Arya Vaidya Sala

Item Code: IDE360
Price: $26.50
YOGA for Diabetes
by Dr S S Srikanta, Dr R Nagarathana, Dr H R Nagendra
Paperback (Edition: 2004)
Swami Vivekananda Yoga Prakashana

Item Code: IDF118
Price: $20.00
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Display: items per page
Showing 1 to 20 of 1276 items in a total of 64 pages
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Books on Alternative Medicine
The large-scale use of drugs is today being questioned by practitioners of alternative systems, who maintain that the age-old concept of holistic health is the key to living a long and healthy life. This resurgence of holistic healing has brought to the fore a number of alternate health care systems.

Prevention is better than cure. If you are healthy at the moment and intend to promote health and prevent disease, you have a choice between Nature Cure (Naturopathy) and Yoga. Nature Cure lays stress on living according to the laws of nature – what to eat, how to eat, how much to eat, and getting the help of air, water, and sunshine.

Yoga’s yama and niyama – the dos and don’ts – provide you with mental and moral uprightness. Asanas and pranayama make your body supple and alert. Dharana and dhyana provide mental peace.

For aches and pains in the body and joints, and for a general run-down condition of the body – Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Massage, and Homoeopathy are beneficial.

For chronic abdominal complaints like dyspepsia, gas in the abdomen, frequent loose motions, diminished energy – herbal treatment through Ayurveda and Unani medicine can be tried.

Aromatherapy, besides possessing other good points, is a mood elevator with the fragrant essences it uses. The proper choice of colour in our attire and surroundings is an important means of inducing relaxation or stimulating excitement. This is a part of Colour Therapy.

The Tibetan System of Medicine is known as Emchi and is based on Ayurvedic Principles. It is inseparable from Buddhism and is an amalgamation of art, science and spirituality.

Reflexology works on the principle that the entire body is mapped into the feet. Reflexology helps to relax muscles and sti,ulate the body's own natural ability to heal itself.

In Magneto Therapy diseases are treated through the application of magnets to the human body. No drugs are adminitered in this therapy.

Reiki is an energy-healing system that is useful for mental, emotional, physical and emotional balancing. Reiki practitioners, trained by Reiki Masters, channel universal life energy to other people by a light touch or by placing their hands gently on specific positions of the body.

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