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Indian Jewelry

Shop for beautiful Indian Stone Jewelry studded with Pearl, Amber, Amethyst, Garnet & more at ExoticIndia – your one stop shop for Indian Jewelry.
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Earrings with Gems
Sterling-silver 2.2 inch Height
Price: $60.00
Inlay Sparrow Earrings with Gems
Sterling-silver 1.7 inch Height
Price: $175.00
Shop for Indian Pendants such as Sterling Silver, Pearl, Amethyst, Amber, Garnet Pendants & more. Buy exquisite Indian Jewelry at ExoticIndia.
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Pink Tourmaline Designer Pendant
18 K Gold 1.0" Height0.3" Width
Price: $435.00
Faceted Emerald Gold Pendant with Dangling Diamonds
18 K Gold 1.1" Height
Price: $460.00
Find intricate Indian Earrings at ExoticIndia. Our extensive collection includes Pearl, Turquoise & other Earrings for occasions like Weddings, Partie...
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Earrings with Gems
Sterling-silver 2.2 inch Height
Price: $60.00
Inlay Sparrow Earrings with Gems
Sterling-silver 1.7 inch Height
Price: $175.00
Find intricate and exquisite Indian Sterling Silver Jewellery like Pendants, Necklaces, Stud Earrings, Toe Rings, Rings for women & more only at Exoti...
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Handcrafted Pendant with Ghungroos
Sterling Silver 1.7 inch Height 2.5 inch Width
Price: $110.00
Knotted Rope Chain Bracelet
Sterling Silver 6.5 inch Length
Price: $125.00
Shop for Indian Rings made of Sterling Silver studded with stones like Pearl, Amethyst, Amber, Garnet & more. Find intricate Indian Jewelry at ExoticI...
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Faceted Citrine Ring
18 K Gold 10 mm Height
Price: $505.00
Faceted Pink Tourmaline Gold Ring with Diamonds
18 K Gold 13 mm Height
Price: $385.00
Buy handcrafted Indian Bracelets for Women for occasions like Weddings, Parties, etc. We have Turquoise, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli Bracelets & more at Exot...
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Faceted Green Amethyst Oval Bracelet with Peridot
Sterling Silver 7 inch Length
Price: $20.00
Beaded Bracelet with Faceted Crystal and Smoky Quartz
Sterling Silver 6.5 inch Length
Price: $20.00
Find exquisite Indian Necklaces like Pearl, Sterling Silver, Amber, Amethyst, Garnet Necklaces & more. Buy intricate Indian Jewelry at ExoticIndia.
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Knotted Rope Snake Chain Necklace
Sterling Silver 19 inch Length
Price: $465.00
Pearl Necklace with Matching Earrings Set
Sterling Silver
16 inch Necklace Length2 inch ...
Price: $250.00
Find enchanting Hindu Jewelry like Earrings & Necklaces. Our collection at ExoticIndia includes Navratna Rings, Om Pendants, Rudraksha Malas & more.
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Lord Ganesha Post Earrings with Carnelian and Marcasite
Sterling Silver 1.2 inch Height
Price: $70.00
Cord Necklace with Lotus Feet of Lord Vishnu
Sterling Silver 16 inch Length
Price: $185.00
Check out exquisite Wholesale Indian Jewelry like Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces & Pendants at ExoticIndia – the online Indian Jewelry Store
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Lot of Four Swarovski Gypsy Rings
Sterling Silver 16 mm Avg Height
Price: $315.00
Best Deal: $157.50
Lot of Five Sterling Earrings
Sterling Silver 1.8" Height
Price: $160.00
Check out intricate Buddhist Jewelry like Buddha Pendants, Necklaces, Mala Beads, Bracelets & more at ExoticIndia - the online store for Indian Jewele...
Samples        View All (93)
Vishva-Vajra Cuff Bracelet with a Pair of Cranes
Sterling Silver 2.5 inch Height
Price: $450.00
Manjushri and Chenrezig (Shadakshari Lokeshvara) Pendant with Coral and Turquoise
Sterling Silver 2.7 inch Height 2.7 inch Width
Price: $995.00
Shop for intricate Indian Jewelry Sets which include Earrings, Necklaces, Beaded Jewelry, Pendants & more at ExoticIndia - the online Indian Jewelry S...
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Citrine and Pink Tourmaline Necklace & Earrings Victorian Set
18 K Gold
16.0" Necklace Length1.0" Earrings H...
Price: $1935.00
Faceted Cubic Zirconia Designer Pendant with Matching Earrings Set
18 K Gold
1.8" Pendant Height1.1" Earrings Hei...
Price: $990.00
Check out exquisite Tantra Jewelry like Mangalsutras, Evil Eye Rings, Navratna Rings & Pendants, Tantric Yantra Pendants & more at ExoticIndia.
Samples        View All (127)
Malachite Gau Box Pendant
Sterling Silver 2.5 inch Height 2.2 inch Width
Price: $235.00
Kirtimukha Pendant (South Indian Temple Jewelry)
Sterling Silver 2.0 inch Height 1.6 inch Width
Price: $80.00
Buy Indian Fashion Jewelry & Accessories at ExoticIndia. Come have a look at our vast collection of Nickel Free Indian Bangles, Earrings, Necklaces & ...
Samples        View All (360)
Maroon Green Bridal Polki Necklace Set with Mang Tika
Copper Alloy with Cut Glass
5.5 inch Necklace ...
Price: $50.00
Golden Beaded Kundan Necklace with Faux Pearl
Copper Alloy with Cut Glass
10 inch Necklace L...
Price: $35.00
Find 22 & 18 Karat Indian Gold Jewelry such as Gold Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Pendants, Nose Rings & more at ExoticIndia - the online Indian Jewelry...
Samples        View All (194)
Small Sapphire Pendant
18 K Gold 0.5" Height0.2" Width
Price: $165.00
Carved Citrine Leaves Bunch Earrings
18 K Gold 2.7" Height
Price: $550.00
Get beautiful and delicate handcrafted sterling silver and kundan anklets, payals, toe rings studded with semi-precious gemstones only at ExoticIndia.
Samples        View All (54)
Sterling Chain Anklets (Price Per Pair)
Sterling Silver 9.5 inch Length
Price: $180.00
Turquoise Toe Rings (Price Per Pair)
Sterling Silver 10 mm Height
Price: $20.00
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Solah-Shringar and Indian Jewelry
Indian jewelry, like all other crafts of the nation, is inherently rooted in its spiritual depths. At one level, the ornamentation of the body is symbolic of an inner adorning which presupposes a certain amount of purity and cleanliness. Indian scriptures are clear in stating that a woman should always keep herself well adorned, it being necessary for the well-being of the whole house.

The grammar of ornament has always been well developed in India and there is a piece of jewel for nearly each part of the body. In total sixteen such ornaments have been delineated, starting from the head with the forehead ornament known as mang-tika and ending at the feet with the anklet and toe-ring. Collectively this group of jewellery is known as solah-shringar.

Traditionally, Indian jewelry has always consisted of motifs rich in symbolism. These include vegetative motifs taken from nature like banana buds or sensual champa flowers. These all are symbols of fertility. Other icons include the sun and moon and arrowheads etc, the latter acting as protective amulets. Indeed, the primary function of ancient Indian jewelry was essentially amuletic and even to this day, any piece of jewelry in India is believed to be endowed with the ‘power’ of the entity it symbolizes. For example, an Indian ornament marked with the name of particular god or goddess is said to be imbued with the protective power of that deity. Towards this end on this website you will find several pieces of jewelry made auspicious with the images of powerful gods like Lord Krishna, Shiva and Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, Durga etc.

The preferred material for Indian jewelry has always been gold and silver. Gemstones believed to have mystical properties too have been popular with India jewellers. Sanskrit literature is replete with references to both precious and semi precious stones including the vajra (diamond), manaka (ruby), market (emerald) and pravala (coral).

Here you can buy online from the internet’s largest collection of Indian jewelry. Covered here are the entire range of ornaments – anklets, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings.

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