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Hindu Books

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Inspirations (Values and Guidance for Students and Youths)
by Nilesh Manani
Paperback (Edition: 2013)
Swaminarayan Aksharpith Publications

Item Code: NAJ552
Price: $10.00
Nala & The Swan Messenger (A Critical Study of the Nalachampu of Trivikramabhatta)
by Meena Kumari Devi
Hardcover (Edition: 2006)
Punthi Pustak

Item Code: NAJ556
Price: $35.00
Swami Vivekananda and The Emergence of India Through Spiritual Culture
Hardcover (Edition: 2005)
Sri Ramakrishan Ashrama

Item Code: NAJ669
Price: $30.00
Acaryahrdayam of Alakiya Manavalapperumal Nayanar (Translation and Commentary of Manavalamamuni: Theology of Nammalvar in Post-Ramanuja Srivaisnavism) (Set of 2 Volumes)
by J. Rangaswami
Hardcover (Edition: 2015)
Sharada Publishing House

Item Code: NAJ671
Price: $175.00
The Mind and Its Control
by Swami Budhananda
Paperback (Edition: 2013)
Advaita Ashram

Item Code: NAG103
Price: $6.00
मानसमें नाम वन्दना: Glory of The Divine Name in The Ramacharit Manas
by स्वामी रामसुखदास: (Swami Ramsukhdas)
Paperback (Edition: 2014)
Gita Press, Gorakhpur

Item Code: GPA491
Price: $8.00
Success Motivating Vedic Lores (Selected Hymns from Rgveda)
by Devendra Kapoor
Paperback (Edition: 1984)
Ram Lal Kapoor Trust

Item Code: NAJ382
Price: $10.00
Anthology of Vedic Hymns (A Collection of Hymns from Four Vedas)
by Svami Bhumanand Sarasvati
Hardcover (Edition: 1984)
Ram Lal Kapoor Trust

Item Code: NAJ370
Price: $25.00
My Life and Quest
by Arthur Osborne
Paperback (Edition: 2005)
Ramanasramam Tiruvannamalai

Item Code: NAJ371
Price: $10.00
Valmiki Ramayana (The Book of Wilderness)
by Arshia Sattar
Paperback (Edition: 2011)
Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd.

Item Code: NAJ375
Price: $15.00
Sat Darshanam
by K.C. Subbaiah
Paperback (Edition: 2006)
Ramana Kendra, Delhi

Item Code: NAJ376
Price: $10.00
Patnee (Wife in The Eyes of Husband)
by R.N. Kogata and Lalita Kogata
Paperback (Edition: 2009)
D. K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.

Item Code: NAJ377
Price: $15.00
Positive Power of Thanksgiving (Helping You Overcome Your Negative Attitudes to Appreciate Life's Blessings)
by J.P. Vaswani
Gita Publishing House, Pune

Item Code: NAJ545
Price: $10.00
Images of Eternal Joy (Moments with Yogiji Maharaj)
by Sadhu Brahmaviharidas
Hardcover (Edition: 2005)
Swaminarayan Aksharpith Publications

Item Code: NAJ550
Price: $10.00
Gayatri: Mahima Madhuri (The Sweet Glories of Gayatri)
by Mahanidhi Swami
Hardcover (Edition: 2010)
Mahanidhi Swami

Item Code: NAJ654
Price: $20.00
श्री त्रिपुरारहस्यम् माहात्म्यखण्डम्: Shri Tripura Rahasya (Mahatmya Khanda)
by T.B. Lakshmana Rao
Hardcover (Edition: 2011)
Sri Kailasamanidweepa Trust, Bengaluru

Item Code: NAJ363
Price: $50.00
वैदिक विश्व राष्ट्र का इतिहास: History of Vedic World Country (Set of 4 Volumes)
by पुरुषोत्तम नागेश ओक (Purushottam Nagesh Oak)
Paperback (Edition: 2009)
Hindi Sahitya Sadan

Item Code: NZE828
Price: $40.00
Indian Ancestors of Vedic Aryans
by L.N. Renu
Hardcover (Edition: 1996)
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Item Code: NAJ367
Price: $8.00
Dilemmas of Life and Death (Hindu Ethics in A North American Context)
by S. Cromwell Crawford
Hardcover (Edition: 1997)
Sri Satguru Publications

Item Code: NAJ651
Price: $20.00
मीमांसा शाबर भाष्यम्: The Only Edition with Hindi Translation of The Shabara Bhashya (Set of 7 Volumes)
by युधिष्ठर मीमांसक (Editor) (Yudhishthir Mimamansak)
Hardcover (Edition: 1987)
Ram Lal Kapoor Trust

Item Code: NZE980
Price: $125.00
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Display: items per page
Showing 1 to 20 of 6418 items in a total of 321 pages
Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 » Next  | Last
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Hindu Books
The Vedas are the foundation of Hinduism. They are four in number:

Rig Veda
Sama Veda
Yajur Veda
Atharva Veda.

Each Veda is divided into four parts: Samhita, Brahmana, Aranyaka and Upanishads.

Following the Vedas come the collection of Hindu Books called the Srauta Sutras. These describe how the mantras of the Vedas have to be used in the various sacrifices or Yajnas.

Next are the collection of books known as Grhya Sutras. These detail how a follower of Hinduism should conduct himself.

Then come the Dharma Sutras, which delineate what Dharma is and how it should be followed.

After the Dharma sutras are the Itihasas (epic histories) like Ramayana and Mahabharata (of which Bhagavad Gita is a part) and the Puranas, which are eighteen in number, the most famous of which are the Shrimad Bhagawatam and Shiva Purana.

A study of Hindu books indicates that Hinduism is not merely a religion, but a way of life, where spiritual progress is made possible for everyone, whatever be his or her station in life.

Presented here is the world's largest collection of Hindu books, covering all the aspects of this profound religion.

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