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Gods and Temples in South India
by Winand M. Callewaert
Paperback (Edition: 2005)
Manohar Publishers and Distributors
Item Code: NAN012
You save: $5.00 (20%)
The Temples in Kumbhariya
by M. A. Dhaky and U. S. Moorti
Hardcover (Edition: 2001)
Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Institute of Indology, Ahmedabad
Item Code: NAN006
You save: $15.00 (20%)
Vibrant at 1000 Big Temple, Thanjavur, India
by Iqbal K Mohamed and Anuradha Iqbal
Paperback (Edition: 2010)
Enrich EduCDs, Chennai
Item Code: NAM722
You save: $9.00 (20%)
'Satarudriya': Vibhuti of Sivas Iconography
by C. Sivaramamurti
Hardcover (Edition: 1976)
Abhinav Publications
Item Code: IDE319
You save: $5.50 (20%)
Elements of Nepalese Temple Architecture
by Purushottam Dangol
Hardcover (Edition: 2011)
Adroit Publishers, Delhi
Item Code: NAM705
You save: $12.00 (20%)
The Tunes of Divinity (Sankirtana Laksanamu) (An Old and Rare Book)
by Tallapaka Cina Tirumalacarya
Hardcover (Edition: 1990)
Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, Tirupati
Item Code: NAJ608
You save: $10.00 (20%)
Listening to Icons: Indian Iconographic and Iconological Studies (Volume I)
by Doris Meth Srinivasan
Hardcover (Edition: 2016)
Aryan Books International
Item Code: NAM626
You save: $19.00 (20%)
Le Temple Selon Marici (An Old and Rare Book)
by Gerard Colas
Hardcover (Edition: 1986)
Institut Francais De Pondichery
Item Code: NZK048
You save: $7.00 (20%)
The Architecture of The Hindus
by Ram Raz
Hardcover (Edition: 2016)
Aryan Books International
Item Code: NAM618
You save: $8.00 (20%)
Facets of Indian Culture
by Kalpana Rajaram
Paperback (Edition: 2013)
Spectrum Books Pvt Ltd
Item Code: NAI460
You save: $4.00 (20%)
La Legende de Skanda: Selon le Kandapurāṇam Tamoul et L'Iconographie (An Old and Rare Book)
by R. Dessigane et P. Z. Pattabiramin
Paperback (Edition: 1967)
Institut Francais De Pondichery
Item Code: NZK037
You save: $6.00 (20%)
Notations of 121 Bhajans and Prayers (Easy To Understand Notations In Actual English)
by Krishna Kumar Agrwal
Paperback (Edition: 2008)
Manoj Publications
Item Code: IDK573
You save: $5.00 (20%)
Temples of Krsna (Krishna) in South India: History, Art and Traditions in TamilNadu
by T. Padmaja
Hardcover (Edition: 2002)
Abhinav Publications
Item Code: IDE410
You save: $9.00 (20%)
The Life Of Krishna In Indian Art
by P. Banerjee
Hardcover (Edition: 1994)
Publications Division, Government of India
Item Code: NAB072
You save: $10.00 (20%)
Historicity of the Mahabharata (Evidence of Literature, Art and Archaeology)
by B.B. Lal
Hardcover (Edition: 2013)
Aryan Books International
Item Code: NAF752
You save: $8.00 (20%)
Katyayana Sulba Sutra (With English Translation, Explanatory Notes, Diagrams and Articles)
by S. D. Khadilkar
Paperback (Edition: 2003)
Vaidika Samsodhana Mandala, Pune
Item Code: NAG958
You save: $4.00 (20%)
by D. Devakunjari
Paperback (Edition: 1998)
Archaeological Survey of India
Item Code: IDD747
You save: $1.90 (20%)
Music Rituals in the Temples of South India Vol. 1
by Geetha Rajagopal
Hardcover (Edition: 2009)
D. K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Item Code: IDL213
You save: $10.00 (20%)
Chola Marvels on Historical Perpectives
by Dr. Vedavalli Kannan and N. Thambiah
Paperback (Edition: 2012)
Enrich EduCDs, Chennai
Item Code: NAL750
You save: $3.00 (20%)
Siva-Parvati and Allied Images (Their Iconography and Body Language in Two Big Volumes) Volume I: Text, Volume II: Plates
by Thomas Eugene Donaldson
Hardcover (Edition: 2007)
D. K. Printworld (P) Ltd.
Item Code: IDI596
You save: $51.00 (20%)
Love: One Hundred Quotes and Thoughts With One Hundred Paintings Of Lord Krishna
by R. N. Kogata & Lalita Kogata
Paperback (Edition: 2012)
D. K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Item Code: NAE214
You save: $3.00 (20%)
Sri Ramakrishna Darshanam: Lavishly Illustrated in Color
Hardcover (Edition: 2003)
Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama, Rajkot
Item Code: IDH441
You save: $5.50 (20%)
History or Sri Kapaleeshvarar Temple
Paperback (Edition: 2014)
Giri Trading Agency Pvt. Ltd.
Item Code: NAH373
You save: $1.00 (20%)
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I have been very happy with your service in selling Puranas. I have bought several in the past and am happy with the packaging and care you exhibit. Thank you for this Divine Service.
Raj, USA
Thank you very much! My grandpa received the book today and the smile you put on his face was priceless. He has been trying to order this book from other companies for months now. He only recently asked me for help and you have made this transaction so easy. My grandpa is so happy he wants to order two more copies. I am currently in the process of ordering 2 more.
Rinay, Australia
I would just let you know that today I received my order. It was packed so beautifully and what lovely service.
Caroline, Australia
I have received the book in good condition. Thanks a lot for your excellent service!
Gabe, Netherlands
I like shopping online on exotic India website.I like the prices and free shipping.I also get my times shipped in right time.
Suman, USA
Wow! Just wanted to say that, as FedEx announced, I received the parcel today. Incredibly fast, and excellent packaging as well. I'm really impressed! The Kaftan looks exactly as on your website, it's beautiful and I love the colours. Thank you for the excellent service!
Bianca, Switzerland
I have bought things from you for a few years now and would like to say how pleased I have been with everything. Thank you very much.
Susan, UK
Just delivered! Beautiful as always!
Francesca, Italy
just received fed-x package, A++ packing A++ shipping A++ product BEAUTIFUL !=EXCELLENT customer service . Thank you. HARE KRSNA!
Michael, USA
I wanted to let you know that we received the book today. I’m extremely pleased with the speed that this order was processed and delivered! Thanks much for the awesome customer service.
Sameer, Texas
Books on Hindu Art
Vishnu, Shiva and Devi are the basic visual images of Hinduism. Each of these deities is worshiped in a concrete icon (murti) that can be seen and touched. The sacred compound that enshrines these images is the Hindu Temple, an auspicious enclosure for collective worship.

The image of a god or goddess in Hindu art is conceived in anthropomorphic terms but at the same time it transcends human appearance. Towards this end, with certain exceptions, the gods of Hinduism are visualized with more than two arms. Their hands, posed in definite gestures, hold the attributes that represent the deity’s power and also establish its identity.

While Hindu art is concrete in its substantiality, it is but a means of conjuring up the divine presence. This is their essential function. The Hindu image serves as a yantra, an “instrument” that allows the beholder to catch a reflection of the deity whose luminescence transcends what our physical eye can see.

The vast literature available on Hindu art includes ancient texts delineating the exact iconographic features of deities and Hindu temples. These are known as silpa sastras. Several books on the art of Hinduism delineate the iconometry of individual Hindu gods and goddesses. Also displayed here are numerous encyclopedias and reference works, providing handy, but comprehensive information on all aspects of Hindu art, including history, aesthetics, and iconography, all at one place.

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