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Poetry Books

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Glimpses of Sanskrit Poetics and Poetry
by Prof. Hari Dutt Sharma
Hardcover (Edition: 2008)
Raka Prakashan

Item Code: NAK638
Price: $30.00
Discounted: $22.50
Selected Poetry of Qateel Shafai (With Original Urdu Text, Roman and Hindi Transliteration and Poetical Translation into English)
by Khwaja Tariq Mahmood and Amar Varma
Hardcover (Edition: 2007)
Star Publications Pvt. Ltd.

Item Code: NAF724
Price: $30.00
Discounted: $22.50
Dhvani and Structuralist Poetics (Multicultural Studies of Creation of Meaning in Poetry)
by Bhavatosh Indraguru & Vikalp Parashar
Hardcover (Edition: 2012)
D. K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.

Item Code: NAD360
Price: $37.50
Discounted: $28.12
The Art of Sanskrit Poetry: An Introduction to Language and Poetics
by Niels Hammer
Hardcover (Edition: 2003)
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

Item Code: IDE819
Price: $65.00
Discounted: $48.75
When Poetry Comes (A Selection Of Poems By Contemporary Bengali Women Poets
by Marian Maddern
Paperback (Edition: 2007)
Sahitya Akademi

Item Code: NAD928
Price: $15.00
Discounted: $11.25
A Poem For Cry: Favourite Poems of Famous Indians
by Avanti Maluste& Sudeep Doshi
Hardcover (Edition: 2006)
Penguin Books India Pvt

Item Code: NAD698
Price: $30.00
Discounted: $22.50
Masterpieces of Urdu Poetry (Selected Poems of 7 Eminent Urdu Poets) (Urdu-English)
by Amar Dehlvi
Hardcover (Edition: 2009)
Star Publications Pvt. Ltd

Item Code: IHL685
Price: $35.00
Discounted: $26.25
SUBRAMANIA BHARATI (Personality and Poetry)
by S. Vijaya Bharati
Hardcover (Edition: 1975)
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

Item Code: ILL61
Price: $14.50
Discounted: $10.88
Kama's Flowers (Nature in Hindi Poetry and Criticism, 1885-1925)
by Valerie Ritter
Hardcover (Edition: 2013)
Dev Publishers And Distributors

Item Code: NAF956
Price: $40.00
Discounted: $30.00
 Kulliyat-E-Zafar (Poetry)
by Abu Zafar Sirajuddin Bahadur Shah
Hardcover (Edition: 2005)
Farid Book Depot Pvt Ltd

Item Code: NZH249
Price: $50.00
Discounted: $37.50
Elements Of Poetry In The Mahabharata
by Ram Karan Sharma
Hardcover (Edition: 1988)
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

Item Code: IDE770
Price: $25.00
Discounted: $18.75
सूर काव्य: दृष्टि एवं विमर्श - Poetry of Surdasa
by डॉ. ब्रजेश्वर वर्मा (Dr. Brajeshwar Verma)
Hardocver (Edition: 2010)
Hindustani Academy, Allahabad

Item Code: NZH285
Price: $35.00
Discounted: $26.25
नयी कविता नयी दृष्टि: New Poetry, New Vision
by डॉ. राम कमल राय (Dr. Ram Kamal Rai)
Paperback (Edition: 1997)
Hindustani Academy, Allahabad

Item Code: NZH449
Price: $30.00
Discounted: $22.50
समाज भाषाविज्ञान: रंग शब्दावली  - निराला काव्य: The Vocabulary of Colour in The Poetry of Nirala
by डॉ. कविता वाचक्नवी (Dr. Kavita Vachakanavi)
Hardcover (Edition: 2009)
Hindustani Academy, Allahabad

Item Code: NZH430
Price: $25.00
Discounted: $18.75
जगदीश गुप्त - व्यक्ति और काव्य: Jagadish Gupta - Personality and Poetry
by डॉ. प्रकाश त्रिपाठी (Dr. Prakash Tripathi)
Hardcover (Edition: 2010)
Hindustani Academy, Allahabad

Item Code: NZH252
Price: $25.00
Discounted: $18.75
अध्यात्म, कविता और सौन्दर्य: Spirituality, Poetry & Aesthetics
by सत्यप्रकाश मिश्र (Satya Prakash Mishra)
Hardcover (Edition: 2006)
Allahabad Sangrahalaya (Raka Prakashan, Allahabad)

Item Code: NZH575
Price: $20.00
Discounted: $15.00
आँसू:  Aansu (Tears) A Poem by Jai Shankar
by जय शंकर प्रसाद (Jai Shankar Prasad)
Paperback (Edition: 2009)
Vishwavidyalaya Prakashan Varanasi

Item Code: NZB525
Price: $3.00
Discounted: $2.25
Lalla to Nuruddin (Rishi-Sufi Poetry of Kashmir)
by Jaishree K. Odin
Hardcover (Edition: 2013)
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

Item Code: NAG429
Price: $21.00
Discounted: $15.75
The Century of Life: The Nitishataka of Bhartrihari Freely Rendered Into English Verse (Sanskrit Text, Transliteration and English Translation)
by Dr. Sampadanada Mishra & Sri Aurobindo
Paperback (Edition: 1998)
Sri Aurobindo Society Pondicherry Publisher

Item Code: NAD007
Price: $12.50
Discounted: $9.38
Both Sides of The Sky (Post -Independence Indian Poetry in English)
by Eunice De Souza
Paperback (Edition: 2008)
National Book Trust

Item Code: NAI429
Price: $10.00
Discounted: $7.50
Narrinai (Text, Transliteration and Translations in English Verse and Prose)
by V. Murugan
Hardcover (Edition: 2011)
Central Institute of Classical Tamil

Item Code: NAK105
Price: $95.00
Discounted: $71.25
सदुक्तिकर्णामृत: An Anthology of Selected Sanskrit Poetry of 500 Poets
by श्रीधरदास (Shri Dharadas)
Hardcover (Edition: 2007)
Sahitya Academy

Item Code: NZG160
Price: $40.00
Discounted: $30.00
हिन्दी की जनपदीय कविता: Janapadiya Kavita of Hindu
by विद्यानिवास मिश्र (Vidyaniwas Mishra)
Hardcover (Edition: 2002)
Lokbharati Prakashan

Item Code: NZG233
Price: $40.00
Discounted: $30.00
काव्यगुणों का शास्त्रीय विवेचन: Qualities of Poetry- A Classical Study (An Old An Rare book)
by डॉ. शोभाकान्त मिश्र (Dr. Shobhakant Mishra)
Hardcover (Edition: 1972)
Bihar Hindi Granth Academy

Item Code: NZF815
Price: $35.00
Discounted: $26.25
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Showing 1 to 24 of 251 items in a total of 11 pages
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