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Books On Kundalini Tantra

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Bhuta Damara Tantra (An  Authoritative Tantra of Sri Krodha Bhairava Along with His Mantras, Mandal Worship Rituals and Accomplishment Rituals of Bhutinis, Yakshinis, Snake-Girls etc.)
by Giri Ratna Mishra
Hardcover (Edition: 2016)
Chaukhamba Surbharati Prakashan

Item Code: NAK836
Price: $27.50
Discounted: $20.62
Chakra & Kundalini (Workbook)
by Dr. John Mumford
Pustak Mahal

Item Code: NAI463
Price: $15.00
Discounted: $11.25
Kundalini (Divine Energy and Divine Life)
by Cyndi Dale
Paperback (Edition: 2012)
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

Item Code: NAD257
Price: $35.00
Discounted: $26.25
प्राणायाम कुण्डलिनी और हठयोग: Pranayama - Kundalini and Hatha Yoga
by आचार्य भगवान देव (Acharya Bhagwan Dev)
Diamond Pocket Books Pvt. Ltd.

Item Code: NZE318
Price: $20.00
Discounted: $15.00
षट्चक्रोपासना कुण्डलिनी योग एवम् श्री विद्या Shata Chakra Upasana Kundalini Yoga and Srividya
by डा. सुनील कुमार उपाध्याय (Dr. Sunil Kumar Upadhyay)
Hardcover (Edition: 2001)
Parimal Publications

Item Code: HAA860
Price: $20.00
Discounted: $15.00
Pancastavi: The Pentad of Hymns of Kundalini Yoga
by Jankinath Kaul Kamal
Hardcover (Edition: 2001)
Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama

Item Code: IDF850
Price: $27.00
Discounted: $20.25
KUNDALINI YOGA [Illustrated]
by Swami Sivananda
Paperback (Edition: 2010)
A Divine Life Society Publications

Item Code: IDF822
Price: $16.50
Discounted: $12.38
चक्र एवं कुंडलिनी: Chakras and Kundalini
by रमेश चन्द्र शुक्ल (Ramesh Chandra Shukla)
Paperback (Edition: 2012)
Pustak Mahal

Item Code: NZD475
Price: $12.00
Discounted: $9.00
षट् चक्र एवं कुण्डलिनी साधना: Chakras and Kundalini Sadhana
by ऋतशील शर्मा (Ritashil Sharma)
Paperback (Edition: 2009)
Kalyan Mandir Prakashan, Prayag

Item Code: NZF705
Price: $15.00
Discounted: $11.25
Soul Searchers: The Hidden Mysteries of Kundalini
by R. Venugopalan
Paperback (Edition: 2013)
Universal Centre For Spiritual Research and Development

Item Code: IDF862
Price: $35.00
Discounted: $26.25
Kundalini Tantra
by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
Paperback (Edition: 2012)
Yoga Publications Trust

Item Code: IDF166
Price: $35.00
Discounted: $26.25
A Practical Guide to Kundalini Yoga: Through Shakthi Path (Rediscover Your Inner Strength)
by Ashok Jaani
Paperback (Edition: 2008)
Sapna Book House

Item Code: NAJ421
Price: $12.00
Discounted: $9.00
कुण्डलिनी महाविद्द्या: Kundalini Mahavidya
by आचार्य केशव देव (Acharya Keshav Dev)
Paperback (Edition: 2006)
Acharya Shri Enterprises

Item Code: NZE645
Price: $23.50
Discounted: $17.62
कुण्डलिनी महायोग (साधना एवं सिद्धांत): Kundalini Mahayog (Sadhna Aur Siddhant)
by Ramchandr Puri
Hardcover (Edition: 2009)
Chowkhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan

Item Code: NZA026
Price: $25.00
Discounted: $18.75
Autobiography of The Vagyogi: The Life of Kundalini Experiences
by Dr.Vagish Shastri
Paperback (Edition: 2003)
Ashapati Shastri, Vagyoga Chetena Pitham

Item Code: IDJ095
Price: $25.00
Discounted: $18.75
Kundalini An Occult Experience
by G.S. Arundale

Paperback (Edition: 1999)
The Theosophical Publishing House

Item Code: IDF380
Price: $10.00
Discounted: $7.50
Secrets of Shaktipat: Awakening of Kundalini by the Guru
by Ravindra Kumar,Jytte Kumar Larsen
Paperback (Edition: 2009)
New Dawn Press

Item Code: IDJ436
Price: $25.00
Discounted: $18.75
The Healing Power of Yoga and Kundalini Tantra (Path to Wellness and Enlightenment)
by J.L. Gupta ‘Chaitanya’
Hardcover (Edition: 2010)
Penman Publishers

Item Code: IHL654
Price: $40.00
Discounted: $30.00
Kundalini for Beginners
by Ravindra Kumar
Paperback (Edition: 2010)
Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

Item Code: NAC613
Price: $11.50
Discounted: $8.62
Kundalini: Path to Higher Consciousness
by Pandit Gopi Krishna
Paperback (Edition: 2014)
Orient Paperbacks

Item Code: IDE949
Price: $18.00
Discounted: $13.50
Kundalini Yoga and Sakti (Seven Bio Energy Fields) (First Part)
by Dr. Ravi R. Javalgekar
Paperback (Edition: 2008)
Chaukhambha Sanskrit Bhawan

Item Code: IDK691
Price: $22.50
Discounted: $16.88
Kundalini and Kriya Yoga
by Dharam Vir Mangla, Edited by Raju Gupta
Paperback (Edition: 2010)
Wisome Books India

Item Code: IDK197
Price: $30.00
Discounted: $22.50
Kundalini and Meditation
by Arjan Dass Malik
Paperback (Edition: 2001)
Manohar Publishers & Distributors

Item Code: IDC920
Price: $15.00
Discounted: $11.25
The Serpent Power : Shat-Chakra-Nirupana and Paduka-Panchaka
by Arthur Avalon
Paperback (Edition: 2012)
New Age Books

Item Code: NAE252
Price: $35.00
Discounted: $26.25
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Showing 1 to 24 of 150 items in a total of 7 pages
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Books on Kundalini
The Sanskrit word kundalini means 'coiled-up'. The coiled Kundalini is the female energy existing in latent form, not only in every human being but in every atom of the universe. It may frequently happen that an individual's Kundalini energy lies dormant through his or her entire lifetime and he or she is unaware of its existence. The object of the tantric practice of Kundalini-yoga is to awaken this cosmic energy and cause it to unite with Shiva, the Pure Consciousness pervading the whole universe.

Kundalini is a million times more potent than the body’s known energies, something like the assertion of modern sciences that talk of activating vast dormant areas of the brain which would release incalculable neurological capacities of man. Hence, once Kundalini is fully awakened the sadhaka’s consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness become one. Awakening of Kundalini is in the form of its ascent from the ‘Muladhara Chakra’ to ‘Sahasrara-Chakra’.

The Sanskrit term kundalini is derived from kundala, a word meaning “coil,” kundalini is imagined to sleep at the base of the spine in the lowest energy centre of the body, called the muladhara chakra. Through specialized techniques of meditation, physical postures, and breath control, Kundalini can be aroused and raised through the body to unite with the divine male principle (personified as Lord Shiva) residing at the top of the crown of the head (Sahasrara Chakra).

In Hatha Yoga literature, Kundalini is portrayed as a serpent coiled three and a half times around an internal lingam, with her hood or mouth covering its top.

The awakening of Kundalini is not, however, without certain dangers. Indeed, Kundalini is also described as a tigress who can drain a man of his vital energy and virya. If not properly controlled, Kundalini can cause all manner of physical and psychological disturbances. One of the more striking cases is the account of a modern Indian author, Gopi Krishna, who accidentally awakened the serpent power, which then proceeded to rise not through the central sushumna channel but through one of the side nadis. After a period of intense physical distress and near insanity, Krishna sought the advice of a guru who helped him return Kundalini to her seat in the muladhara cakra and then raise to raise her through the proper, central nadi.

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