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Maharshi Jaimini's Jaimini Sutram (Complete)
by Prof. P.S. Sastri
Paperback (Edition: 2006)
Ranjan Publication
Item Code: IDK079
Heritage of Kamakhya on The Nilachala Hill (Based on Field -Investigation): A Rare Book
Paperback (Edition: 2010)
Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture
Item Code: NAF224
Sri Aurobindo on the Tantra
by M.P. Pandit
Paperback (Edition: 2012)
Sri Aurobindo Kapali Sastry Institute of Vedic Culture
Item Code: NAG831
Lalita-Sahasranama with Bhaskararaya's Commentary
by Translated By: R. Ananthakrishna Sastry
Hardcover (Edition: 2010)
The Adyar Library and Research Centre
Item Code: IDF724
Tantra and Yoga for Beginners (Set of 10 Books)
by Ravindra Kumar
Paperback (Edition: 2010)
Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Item Code: NAK414
Rituals, Mantras and Science: An Integral Perspective
by Jayant Burde
Hardcover (Edition: 2004)
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Item Code: IDE212
Damara Tantra
by Ram Kumar Rai
Hardcover (Edition: 2004)
Prachya Prakashan
Item Code: IDI630
The Chakras (The Original Monograph Based on Clairvoyant Investigations)
by C. W. Leadbeater
Paperback (Edition: 2011)
The Theosophical Publishing House
Item Code: IDI808
Mudras for Healing: (Mudra Vigyan A Way of Life)
by Acharya Keshav Dev
Paperback (Edition: 2016)
Acharya Shri Enterprisis
Item Code: IDI908
Mystical Formulae Part – II Yantras
by K.T. Shubhakaran
Paperback (Edition: 2015)
Sagar Publications
Item Code: IDJ611
काली उपासना: Kali Upasana
by Prof. Shrikant Prasoon
Hardcover (Edition: 2015)
D.P.B. Publications
Item Code: NZG587
Science of Sri Cakra (with 1 MP3 CDs)
by Pappu Venugopala Rao
Paperback (Edition: 2012)
The Karnatic Music Book Centre, Chennai
Item Code: NAL404
Saundaryalahari of Sri Sankaracarya with Transliteration
by Trans. By: Swami Tapasyananda
Paperback (Edition: 2003)
Sri Ramakrishna Math
Item Code: IDE071
Siddhi (Attainment of the Absolute)
by Bhardwaj Umesh Nath
Paperback (Edition: 2010)
Readworthy Publications
Item Code: NAD162
Devi's Tantra (Tantric Lessons From Another Dimension)
by Azima V. Rosciano
Paperback (Edition: 2015)
Diamond Pocket Books Pvt. Ltd.
Item Code: NAM016
Spiritual Science of Sex-Element (Adhyatmik Kama Vigyan)
by Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya
Paperback (Edition: 2010)
Yug Nirman Yojana Vistar Trust
Item Code: NAF251
Kundalini Diary (A Visual Journey in Meditation)
by Santosh Sachdeva
Paperback (Edition: 2010)
Yogi Impressions Books Pvt. Ltd.
Item Code: NAF239
The Goddess of Tantra - An Old and Rare Book
by Pranab Bandyopadhyay
Hardcover (Edition: 2002)
Punthi Pustak
Item Code: NAG417
The Kularnava Sastra: For Both Bhukti (Enjoyment) and Mukti (Liberation)
by Swami Satyeswarananda Giri
Hardcover (Edition: 2015)
The Sanskrit Classics, Publisher
Item Code: NAL948
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Hello Vipin K., thanks a lot for replacing the 4th volume of the Srimad Bhagavatam and sending me a faultless copy of the book so fast. The faulty pagination (missing and mixed up pages) is due to the bookbinding, of course, you are not to blame. Your customer service is excellent. And as your selection of books is extraordinary, I'm already looking forward to the next books that will reach me, perfectly packed and in best condition as always. ;-)
I really found this site to be very well designed, and the number of items amazing. From my careful inspection of the high resolution photos, the quality of work appears to be outstanding.
Sanjay, USA
The statue was delivered today. It is exceedingly beautiful. My thanks to the creator of the statue for such a lovely idol and to yourselves for the great service.
I'm so proud of your Company, it's so rare to have a good service after sales.... I will recommend you to all my friends.
Colette, Canada
I am a repeat customer of your store. I have bought several items from you and like the quality and service. Please keep up the good work of providing Puranas and Vedas.
Raghavan, USA
This is a beautiful website - and very customer friendly - easy to find your way around.
Sonia, UK.
Fantastic service! Delivery in Italy in two days!
Francesca Verna
Your custom service is great, especially Vipin. Vipin helped me locate a lost package. that was so nice!!!! I love this company. I love the cotton skirts with ruffle on the bottom. I also love how that when we place items in the shopping cart, the computer system allows them to remain in the cart until we are ready to purchase them. They don't disappear like with other on-line stores shopping cart system. Your the Best!!!
Heather Davis, USA
A true treasure vault of Bharatiya samskruti knowledge books! Thanks for this service.
Shashikant, USA
Very nice website, easy to use. Your one of the few Indian website that have an extensive collection of CD's that will ship to America.I think Indian website should expand themselves into the global community China sure has. China's market growth had to do with supply and demand. The same thing could happen to India, you just have to open the doors of India and let it happen. At least you seem to be doing that.
Donald, USA
Books on Kundalini
The Sanskrit word kundalini means 'coiled-up'. The coiled Kundalini is the female energy existing in latent form, not only in every human being but in every atom of the universe. It may frequently happen that an individual's Kundalini energy lies dormant through his or her entire lifetime and he or she is unaware of its existence. The object of the tantric practice of Kundalini-yoga is to awaken this cosmic energy and cause it to unite with Shiva, the Pure Consciousness pervading the whole universe.

Kundalini is a million times more potent than the body’s known energies, something like the assertion of modern sciences that talk of activating vast dormant areas of the brain which would release incalculable neurological capacities of man. Hence, once Kundalini is fully awakened the sadhaka’s consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness become one. Awakening of Kundalini is in the form of its ascent from the ‘Muladhara Chakra’ to ‘Sahasrara-Chakra’.

The Sanskrit term kundalini is derived from kundala, a word meaning “coil,” kundalini is imagined to sleep at the base of the spine in the lowest energy centre of the body, called the muladhara chakra. Through specialized techniques of meditation, physical postures, and breath control, Kundalini can be aroused and raised through the body to unite with the divine male principle (personified as Lord Shiva) residing at the top of the crown of the head (Sahasrara Chakra).

In Hatha Yoga literature, Kundalini is portrayed as a serpent coiled three and a half times around an internal lingam, with her hood or mouth covering its top.

The awakening of Kundalini is not, however, without certain dangers. Indeed, Kundalini is also described as a tigress who can drain a man of his vital energy and virya. If not properly controlled, Kundalini can cause all manner of physical and psychological disturbances. One of the more striking cases is the account of a modern Indian author, Gopi Krishna, who accidentally awakened the serpent power, which then proceeded to rise not through the central sushumna channel but through one of the side nadis. After a period of intense physical distress and near insanity, Krishna sought the advice of a guru who helped him return Kundalini to her seat in the muladhara cakra and then raise to raise her through the proper, central nadi.

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