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Item Code: IDJ068

by Maurice Maeterlinck

Hardcover (Edition: 1998)

Pilgrims Book Pvt. Ltd, Delhi
ISBN 8176240249

Size: 5.6" X 4.3"
Pages: 110
Price: $8.50
Discounted: $6.38   Shipping Free
Viewed times since 5th Jan, 2013


About the book:

Death as well said "Death and death alone is what we must concerns about life; and not some vague future or survival, inn which we shall not be present." In simple language Maurice Maeterlinck describe the primitive idea of death and also details how to get rid of that which comes before. The Napoleon also said that the Doctors and priests have long been making death grievous. All our knowledge only helps us to die in greater pain than the animals that no nothing. Death deseeds upon us to take away a life or change its forms. Death is definite but it is childish to talk of happiness and unhappiness where infinitive is question.


I Our Idea of Death 1
II A Primitive Idea 3
III We Must Englishten and establish out Idea of Dealth 8
IV We must rid Death of that which goes before 10
V The panges of Death must be attributed to man alone 12
VI The mistake of the Doctor in Prolonging the pangs of Death 16
VII Their Arguments 18
VIII That which does not belong to Death 21
IX The horrors of the grave also do not belong to Death 26
X When contemplating the unknown into which Death hurls US, let us first put rekuguiys fears from out minds 30
XI Annihilation impossible 34
XII The survival of our consciousness 39
XIII It seems impossible 41
XIV The same, continued 48
XV If it were possible, it would not be dreadful 51
XVI The survival without consciousness 55
XVII The same, continued 58
XVIII The limited Ego would become a torture 62
XIX A new ego can find a nucleus and develop itself in infinity 65
XX The only sorrow that can touch our mind 71
XXI Infinity as conceived by out reasons 74
XXII Infinity as perceived by out reasons 77
XXIII Which of the two shall we know? 80
XXIV The Infinity which both our reason and out senses can admit 83
XXV Our fate in infinity 88
XXVI The same, continued 91
XXVII Shall we be unhappy there? 94
XXVIII Questions without answers 97
XXIX The same, continued 102
XXX It is not necessary to answer them 107
XXXI Everything must finish exempt from suffering 110
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