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Durable Disorder Understanding the Politics of Northeast India

Durable Disorder Understanding the Politics of Northeast India


Item Code: IDF229

by Sanjib Baruah

Hardcover (Edition: 2005)

Oxford University Press
ISBN 0195669819

Language: English
Size: 8.4" X 5.4"
Pages: 276
Weight of the Book: 460 gms
Price: $32.50
Discounted: $26.00   Shipping Free
Viewed times since 2nd Oct, 2008


About the Book:

An eyewitness account of the court of the second son of the last ruling Nizam of Hyderabad, this book reveals the multiple facets of feudal life in the largest princely state of India, in its twilight years.

The Nocturnal Court offers a vivid description of the courtly atmosphere-the sycophancies, the intrigues, and the empty chatter of the courtiers. Also included in varying degrees of detail are sketches of the leading personalities of that period, such as Josh Maleehabadi and Fani, both renowned poets of the twentieth century. Najm Afandi, the poetic tutor of the Junior Prince, is shown falling from grace in a whimsical and aribitrary manner. The celebrated singer, Begum Akhtar is also presented in a vignette, in her early days when she was a guest of the Prince and known simply as Akhtari Bai Faizabadi. An example of the Prince's extraordinary magnanimity is the story of the appointment of Dagh as the poetic preceptor of the sixth Nizam, on a mere whim.

Some of the characters arouse admiration, some scorn, others pity - but all of them evoke interest. The author also highlights the great contrast between the ornate and extravagant lifestyle of the Prince, and the austere court of his father, Nizam VII, reputedly the richest man of his times.

This book evokes nostalgia for a city and a way of life, which no longer exist. But more importantly, the English translation of the Urdu text makes this fascinating account accessible to a wider readership. The translation is complemented by an Introduction and Notes aimed at situating the narrative in its historical context.

About the Authors:

Sidq Jaisi was a poet, born in Jais, in Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh. He came to Hyderabad in 1923 and was appointed teacher in the city Government High School. In 1931, he became honorary courtier of the Junior Prince for seven years, where he enjoyed a reputation for his quick wit and keen sense of humour. He passed away in 1967 in Kanpur.

Narendra Luther is a well-known humorist and an authority on the history and culture of Hyderabad. He has published several books: historical biographies, anthologies, and a novel, including Hyderabad: Memories of a City (1995), and Raja Deen Dayal: Prince of Photographers (2003). Some of his works have been translated into other Indian as well as foreign languages.


List of Photographsvii
Genealogical Tree of the Asif Jahi Dynastyxv
Asif Jahi Rulers of Hyderabadxvi
Map of Hyderabad Statexvii

The Nocturnal Court
(Darbaar-e-Durbaar by Sidq Jaisi)
Fani in Hyderabad Deccan3
The First Night at the Court8
The Second Night at the Court18
The Night of Eid25
Declining a Job33
The Curse of Alcohol40
Jhumman's Insolence47
The Horsemanship of Dagh52
Irani's Urdu60
The Deccani Colonel Blimp65
Nawab Shahab Jung69
Royal Largesse75
The Departure of Begum Akhtar80
Ragging Piya83
The Prince Goes to Europe

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