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Freedom Through Inner Renunciation (Sankara's Philosophy in a New Light)

Freedom Through Inner Renunciation (Sankara's Philosophy in a New Light)


Item Code: IDH623

by Roger Marcaurelle

Paperback (Edition: 2002)

Sri Sat Guru Publications
ISBN 8170307694

Size: 8.2" X 5.5"
Pages: 269
Price: $30.00
Discounted: $22.50   Shipping Free
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From the Back of the Book

This is an outstanding piece of scholarship. The author shows a deep understanding or Sankara's thought.

John M. Koller, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

This book is the first full-length study of renunciation in Sankara's Advaita Vedanta. It shows that a major misinterpretation occurred concerning Sankara's position on renunciation early within his won tradition, and has persisted amongst modern Indologists. Most interpreters of Sankara understand that he saw the monastic way of living as a sine qua non for full knowledge of the Self and spiritual freedom. But this study brings Sankara's real position to light and shows that, for him, inner renunciation of ego and doership was the only indispensable form of renunciation. Monasticism was quite useful, but not mandatory. Using Sankara's own hermeneutical principles as well as the modern philosophical approach, Marcaurelle shows the basic processes of interpretation and misinterpretation that can shape fundamental aspects of a spiritual tradition.

Included with the work is a discussion of particular interest given the world-wide revival of Eastern forms of meditation: a clarification of Sankara's view of the value of meditation.

The most remarkable thing about the book is the author thorough command of Advaita literature coupled with a passionate, keen and persistent concentration on his thesis. In this he emulates Samkaracarya, the greatest of all Advaitins. The intellectual importance of the book lies in the combination of scholarly expertise and persistence that the Author brings to his task.

Karl H. Potter, University of Washington

About the Author

Roger Marcaurelle is Lecturer, Department of Religious Studies, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.

Preface ix
Acknowledgements xiii
Abbreviations of Works by Sankara xv
Chapter One Sankara and Renunciation: The Controversy 3
Chapter Two The basic Types of Renunciation in Advaita Vedanta 15
Chapter Three Five Reference Points for Proper Interpretation 21
Chapter Four Two Unfounded Explanations 45
Chapter Five The Householder's Path Toward Liberation 55
Chapter Six The main Opposition Between Steadfastness in action and Steadfastness in Self-Knowledge 83
Chapter Seven The Yoga of Action and the Means of Self-knowledge 105
Chapter Eight Self-knowledge and Physical Renunciation 131
Chapter Nine Post-Sankara Advaita Vedanta and Renunciation 165
Chapter Ten Sankara and the Value of Renunciation in Hinduism 209
Notes 217
Bibliography 255
Index 261
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