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Lahiri’s Indian Ephemeris of Planets Positions (According to the ‘Nirayana’ or Sidereal System for 2013 A.D.)

Lahiri’s Indian Ephemeris of Planets Positions (According to the ‘Nirayana’ or Sidereal System for 2013 A.D.)


Item Code: NAC578
Paperback (Edition: 2010)

Astro-Research Bureau, Kolkata

Size: 8.5 Inch X 5.5 Inch
Pages: 180
Weight of the Book: 160 gms
Price: $10.00
Discounted: $7.50   Shipping Free
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This annual astronomical ephemeris has stepped into 73rd year of its publication with the present issue for 2011. The Ephemeris was founded by late N. C. Lahiri in 1939, the first Indian member of the Ephemerides-Commission of the International Astronomical Union, Paris, and the first Officer-in-charge of the then Nautical Almanac Unit of the Govt. of India (now known as Positional Astronomy Centre) at Kolkata. The local almanacs published from different parts of India are still giving erroneous astronomical parameters for preparation of the almanacs. We are earnestly exerting our efforts for rectification of such parameters shown in those almanacs. This ephemeris is intended to provide most accurate and up-to-date astronomical data in advance to its users.

The ephemeris is based on nirayana or sidereal system of calculation. The basis of the nirayana zodiac is the adoption of 285 A. D. or 207 Saka as the zero ayanamsa year. This value was adopted by Shri N. C. Lahiri in this Ephemeris from 1948 issue. The Calendar Reform Committee appointed by the Govt. of India In 1952 recommended adoption of this value of ayanamscs and later the Govt. of India also adopted this system of ayanamsa in 1953. In view of this, it is called as Lahiri-Ayanamsa. This value of ayanamsa is now being used in almost all the reformed panchangs and ephemeris in India as well as in the Indian Astronomical Ephemeris and the Rashtriya Panchangs of the Govt. of India. It is worth mentioning that the date of coincidence of the Sayana and Nirayana zodiacs on the Vernal Equinox day of 285 AD. based on the position of the star Chitra (a Virginis) as was determined by late N. C. Lahiri during his life time is almost the same as derived from the data available from the Astronomisches Rechen institute of Heidelberg, Germany.

We express our thanks to the Director, Positional Astronomy Centre, Kolkata of India Meteorological Department (Govt. of India) for kindly supplying some astronomical data for use in the Ephemeris. Sincerest thanks are also to our esteemed readers and users of this ephemeris for their kind co-operation and suggestions. Suggestions for further improvement of this ephemeris would be highly appreciated. Utmost care is always taken to bring out this publication free of any error.

We are making best efforts to add each year some additional data which are to facilitate the users of this ephemeris for their computational work.


Preface 3
Explanatory Notes 4-5
Details of Ephemeris 6-7
Time Changes in India, Vaidhrit and Vyatipata Yoga 8
Beginning Dates of Lunar months, Phases of the Moon, Longitude of Sun at New Mon and Full Moon, Dates of Equinoxes and Solstices 9
Beginning dates of Islamic Calendar, Vedic solar months & Indian seasons, Moon and Sun at Perigee and Apogee 10
Solar Calendars of India & Beginning of Eras 11
Perpetual Calendar 12
Mean Distance of Sun, Moon and Planets & Duration of Daylight 13
Nirayana Longitudes of Mean Sun, Ayanamsa and Miscellaneous Astronomical data 14
Daily Ephemeris (Jan. to Dec.) 16-39
Daily motion of Sun and Moon 40
Daily motion of Mercury and Venus 41
Daily motion of Mars, Jupiter & Saturn 42
Entrance of Sun into nakshatras and Moon into nirayana signs 43
Transit of Planets into Rasis, Navamsa Chart 44
Transits of Planets into nakshtras and Beginning of Nakshatra Division 45
Phenomena-conjunction and opposition of planets, Heliacal setting or combustion of planets and Retrogression of planets 46
Interpolation Table 47
Diagram of Movement of Planets 48
Movement and Visibility of Planets 49
Advance Ephemeris, 2012 50-51
Rising and Setting or Planets 52-55
Heliocentric Longitudes of Planets 56
Right Ascension of Planets 57
Yearly Journey of the Earth (Map) 58
Tithi, Nakshatra & Yoga 59-62
Karanas 63-66
Eclipses 67-68
Dates of Eclipses during 2011 68
Mean Places of Stars 69
Star Charts70-71
Aspects & Phenomena 72-89
Sunrise and Sunset of certain places 90-99
Local Mean Time of Sunrise and sunset 100-101
Moonrise and Moonset of certain places 102-109
Method for calculation of Sunrise, Sunset & Moonrise, Moonset 110
Solar Return or Varsapraves 111
Astottari Dasa – Krittikadi and Ardradi 112-113
Astottari Dasa & Antardasa 114
Vimsottari Dasa & Antardasa 115
Balance of Vimsottari Dasa 116-117
Vimsottari Dasa – Sub-sub period 118-124
Method for casting a birth chart 125
Accessional Differences 126-127
Local Mean time of beginning of Lagnas 128
Correction Table for beginning of Lagnas 129
Tables of Ascendants 130-131
Table of Tenth House 132-133
Ascendant for Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Varanasi and Delhi 134-143
Ayanamsa Correction 144
Table of Reduction of Local Mean time of a place into I.S.T 145
Latitude, Longitude an principal cities in India 146-155
Standard tome of India 155
Local Time of some cities of neighboring countries 156
Local Time of some foreign cities 157-159
Standard Time Zone of the World 160
Standard Time Zone (Map) 161
Ephemeris Time 162
Method for finding out Ascendant of a Foreign city 163
Standard Time Zone and Summer Time 164-165
Table of Proportional Logarithm 166-167
Astronomical Observatories in India 168-169
Planetariums in India 170
Glossary 171-180
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  • Dear Sir ,
    I need the 2016 of LAHIRI'S INDIAN EPHEMERIS OF PLANETS' POSITIONS astrology book ,how can buy the book?
    - Mr.Kyaw Myint
    29th Sep 2015
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