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The Musjid (Its Role And Etiquette)

The Musjid (Its Role And Etiquette)


Item Code: IDH231
Paperback (Edition: 1997)

Idara Isha' At-E-Diniyat (P) Ltd.
ISBN 8171012841

Size: 6.9" X 4.4"
Pages: 32
Price: $10.00
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The term worship has a very broad and comprehensive meaning, and that is, "To unreservedly serve and submit to Allah." Due to this concept of worship, the place of worship in Islam viz. the Musjid also plays a multi - purpose role in the Muslim community is not like that of the places of worship of other religions. In fact it has all - encompassing and a continuous relationship with the day - to - day activities of the Muslims. It is not merely a symbol of Islam, but it also acts as a monitoring agent for the cultural, social and spiritual progress of the ummah. In short, the musjid plays precisely the role in society, the jugular vein plays in the functioning of the body

Back of the Book

The Musjid is neither merely place of worship nor a symbol of Islam, but it also plays multi-purpose role in the Muslim community. It acts as monitoring agent for the culture, social and spiritual progress of the Ummah. It has all encompassing and a continuous relationship with day -today activities of the Muslims.


Introduction 1
The first Human-First Nabi-First Constructor  
Of A Musjid 1
Muslims-Standard Bearers Of The Most Ancient  
Civilisation Of the World 2
Musjid And Azaan 3
Spiritual role of The Musjid 3
Cultural Role Of The Musjid 6
Social Role of The Musjid 7
Political Role of The Musjid 8
The Interior of The Musjid 9
Effects of A Musjid On the Life of A Muslim 10
Musjid-Nucleus of Your Life 12
When The Real Object is Forgotten 12
Trustees Of Musjid 13
Declaring Musjids National Monuments 14
Miscellaneous Laws Regarding The Musjid 16
Worldly Activities 17
Conversation In the Musjid 17
Musallis Path 18
Your Shoes 19
Offensive Odours 19
Children in The Musjid 19
Irregular Saffs 19
Prohibition of Noise 20
Dispicable Acts 21
Halaal Wealth 21
Virtues of A Musjid 22
Musjids-Markets Of The Hereafter 22
Musjids-Orchads Of Jannat 23
Adornments of Musjids 23
Construction Of Musjids 25
Construct Musjids In Your Homes 25
Keep The Musjid Clean And With A Pleasant Odour 26
Reward For Going to The Musjid 26
Zikr In the Musjid 27
Etiquette of Going To The Musjid 27
Tahiyyatulwudhu 29
Tahiyyatul Musjid 29
Zikr of The Musjid 29
Jammat (Congregation) 30
Importance 30
Full Reward On Intention 30
Superiority 30
Arrangement of Rows 30
Keeping The rows Straight And Orderly 31
Superiority Of The Front Row 31
Takbeer-E-Ula 31
Best Among You Should Be Imaam 32
Order 32
Responsibility Of Imaams 32
Covenience Of The Muqtadi 32
Guidance For The Muqtadi 32
Running for Salaah 33
Nullification 34
To Raise The Heaed Before The Imaam 34
Responding To The Call Of Nature 34
Dua 35
Guidelines In Respect Of The Musjid 35
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