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Mysticism of Srimad Bhagavatam: (The Glory of Lord Krishna)

Mysticism of Srimad Bhagavatam: (The Glory of Lord Krishna)


Item Code: IDK209


Peperbeck (Edition: 2007)

International Yoga Society
ISBN 8185883564

Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 408
Price: $25.00
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One night years ago, when the atmosphere was very still and the breeze fragrant, Sri Swami Jyotirmayananda commenced his lectures on the mysticism of Srimad Bhagavatam. Just as the Gopis or cowherdesses of Vrindavana were drawn by the haunting melody of Krishna's flute, the hearts and minds of all present were relentlessly drawn by Swamiji's commentary as the story of Divine Krishna unfolded.

The Glory of Lord Krishna (Mysticism of Srimad Bhagavatam), captures the delight of those special evenings in which the sportive exploits of Lord Krishna were expounded with a tenderness and profoundity that deeply inspired all who were seated quietly, listening in rapture.

The study of Srimad Bhagavatam leads you through the enchanting groves of Vrindavana to the glorious Abode of Sri Krishna – you are led through the path of devotion to the goal that is Liberation. At the same time, your daily life is enriched with peaces, prosperity and harmony.

It is our hope that these chapters will awaken in the heart of every reader a profound eagerness to soar beyond the confines of the conditioned mind and discover God, the Beloved of all souls, sporting in the firmament of their own heart. The melody of eternity, the melody of Krishna's flute, reverberates in every world of Swami Jyotirmayanada's mystic interpretations, beckoning every sincere aspirant to experience for themselves the indescribable sweetness of Divine Communion!

Back of the Book

The study of Srimad Bhagavatam leads you through the enchanting groves of Vrindavana to the glorious Abode of Sir Krishna- through the delightful path of devotion to the sublime Goal that is liberation. The melody of eternity, the melody of Lord Krishna's flute, reverberates in every word of Swami Jyotirmayananda's beckoning every sincere aspirant to experience or themselves the indescribable sweetness of Divine Communion!

Introduction 12
The Story of King Parikshit (Bk. 1/Ch.18) 15
King Parikshit's Questions (Bk. 1/Ch.19) 21
Bhagavata Chatushloki – The Essence of Srimad Bhagavatam in Four Verses (2/9) 23
The Avataras or Incarnations of Lord Vishnu:
Introduction 27
Varaha Avatara – The Boar Incarnation (3/19) 32
Matsya Avatara – The Divine Fish (8/24) 35
Nri-simha Avatara and the Devotee Prahlada (7/3) 39
Vamana Avatara – The Divine Dwarf (8/18) 45
Parashurama (9/16) 51
Lord Rama (9/10) 53
Sanatkumaras Curse Jaya and Vijaya (3/15) 61
The Sixteen Daughters of Daksha (4/1) 64
The Punishment of Daksha by Lord Shiva (4/2) 66
Dhruva – The Boy Devotee (4/8) 73
The Allegory of Puranjana (4/26) 78
The Story of King Bharata (5/7) 90
The Story of Ajamila (6/1) 96
Daksha Curses Narada (6/5) 101
Story of Gaja-graha-Elephant and Crocodile 107
Story of Gaja-graha-Elephant and Crocodile (8/2) 107
The Devotee King – Ambarish (9/4) 128
The Birth of the Ganges (9/8) 134
Part Two: The Glorious Life of Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna' Birth (10/1) 144
The Liberation of Demoness Putana (10/6) 152
Overturning Cart in which Utkashit Dwelled (10/7) 155
Overcoming Trinavarta (10/7) 157
Yashoda's Cosmic Vision (10/7) 160
Naming Ceremony for Krishna and Balarama (10/8) 161
Mother Yashoda ties Naughty Butter Thief (10/9) 164
Uprooting the Twin Arjuna Trees(10/9) 170
From Gokula to Vrindavana (10/11) 175
Destroying Vatsasura – the Demon Calf (10/11) 177
Defeating Bakasura (10/11) 179
Destruction of Aghasura –Gigantic Python (10/12) 182
Brahma Attempts to Delude Krishna (10/13) 185
Defeating Denukasura – Donkey-Demon (10/15) 190
Driving Serpent Kaliya from Yamuna River (10/15) 193
Balarama Destroys Pralambasura (10/16) 201
Krishna Saves Cowherd Boys fro Fire (10/18) 203
Rainy and Autumn Seasons In Vrindavana (10/20) 205
The Divine Melody of Krishna's Flute (10/12) 211
Chira Harana – Krishna Steals Gopis Clothes (10/22) 216
Krishna Lifts Govardhana Mountain (10/24) 218
Rasa Leela – Dancing with the Gopis (10/29) 224
Destruction of Sudarshana – the Terrible Python (10/34) 235
Destruction Shankhachuda (10/34) 238
Destruction of Arishtasura – the Gigantic Ox (10/35) 240
Overcoming Demon Keshi – the Mighty Horse (10/37) 243
Overcoming the Demon Kidnapper-Vyomasura (10/37) 246
Stages Leading to Kamsa's Destruction (10/40) 249
Ugrasena Enthroned Again as King (10/45) 275
Krishna and Balarama Reunite with Their Real Parents – Vasudeva and Devaki (10/45) 276
Krishna Reunites Sage Sandipani with His Son (10/45) 277
Uddhava Visits the Gopis (10/47) 281
Jarasandha Attacks Mathura (10/50) 286
Balarama Marries Revati (10/53) 294
Krishna Marries Rukmini (10/53) 296
Pradyumn Kills Shambarasura nd Marries Rati (10/55) 302
Syamantaka Mani – The Mystic Jewel (10/56) 307
The Myriad Wives of Krishna (10/57) 322
Krishna Slays Bhaumasur and Liberates Sixteen-thousand Princesses(10/59) 328
The Slaying of Rukmi by Balarama (10/61) 334
Humbling of Banasura – Aniruddha marries Usha (10/61) 339
The Destruction of Jarasandha (10/72) 347
The Beheading of Shishupala (10/74) 355
The Ridiculing of Duryodhana (10/75) 358
Destruction of Shalva, Dantavakra and Viduratha (10/77) 361
Balarama Kills Romaharshana out of Anger (10/78) 365
Balarama Destroys the Demon Balvala (10/79) 367
Krishna and Sudama (10/80) 369
The Marriage of Subhadra and Arjuna (10/86) 375
Departure from Earth of Krishna and His Relatives (11/30) 378
Shuka Concludes His Teaching and king Parikshit Attains Enlightenment (12/5) 393
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