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SAMVADA: A Dialogue Between Two Philosophical Traditions

SAMVADA: A Dialogue Between Two Philosophical Traditions


Item Code: IDF993

by Daya Krishna & Mukund Lath

Hardcover (Edition: 1991)

ISBN 8120807987

Language: English
Size: 8.8" X 5.6"
Pages: 227
Weight of the Book: 435 gms
Price: $22.50
Discounted: $16.88   Shipping Free
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From the Jacket

Samvada is the live report of a dialogue between two philosophical traditions, the Indian and the western, transcribed and edited from the tapes of a week-long seminar held at Pune in 1983. The central issue is whether one need postulate 'propositions' as entities to account for our understanding of sentences which are false, or whose truth and falsity is not yet known. The Indian answer is definitive No. The live arguments and counter-arguments, the formulation and counter-formulation, the give-and-take of a sharp philosophical debate amongst some of the best philosophical minds of contemporary India, are all here to be enjoyed and savoured in its full flavour for those who could not be present at the original Dialogue which was such an experience for all those who participated in it.


Preface by Daya Krishna xi
Introduction by M. P. Rege xvii
Introduction by R. C. Dwivedi xxix
Question/ Issues for Discussion xxxv
List of speakers xli
Opening Speech by Pandit Srinivasa Sastri 1
What do words denote? Russell's theory of Propositions 3
Can a word denote an individual 35
Discussion on Proposition resumed: what is the meaning of false sentences? 61
The Nyaya understanding and analysis of a sentences 76
Types of relation: do they have an equivalence in Indian thought? 134
Proposition once again: Badarinathaji's reply to Arjun Vadekar's syllogisms refuting the Nayayikas and establishing propositions 137
Restatement of arguments in favour of propositions 141
How does the Naiyayika refute the Mimamsaka's statement, sound is eternal if he considers it to be meaningless 151
Badarinatha Sukla Propounds the theory of jhanakara which comes close to the notion of proposition 158
The basic difference in knowledge between singular and general statements 176
What is the concept of a cognitive discipline in Indian thought, especially Nyaya 183
Appendix 191
On Propositions: A Naiyayika Response to a Russellian Theory 203
Index 221

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