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Science and Tradition

Science and Tradition


Item Code: IDG505

by A.K. Raina, B.N. Patnaik, Monima Chadha

Hardcover (Edition: 2000)

Indian Institute of Advanced Study Rashtrapati Nivas, Shimla
ISBN 8185952736

Language: English
Size: "8.8 X 5.7"
Pages: 237
Price: $30.00
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About the Book :

This volume contains contributions by a wide spectrum of scholars-scientists, philosophers, theorists of language, social scientists and other-and presents a panorama of thoughts and opinions on science, tradition and their inter-relationships. The aim is to develop a bridge between the world Out there (science) and the world in here (tradition), the former built up to perpetual hypotheses and the latter of perpetual facts . But then the hypotheses do change as to the facts: creative science and creative tradition are both live entities. Both have their respective cosmogonies: in science major events occur in real-time, in tradition they usually occur in the beginning or at the end. This closing millennium belongs to sciences to science, shaped in no mean measure by traditions. It is necessary to understand their interaction in order to comprehend volume is an attempt is an attempt in that direction.

The volume opens with a section on contemporary issues in modern science: issues of truth, reality and objectivity. Clearly these issues interface with questions tradition also raise and attempts to resolve. So the next section looks at the Indian tradition from a modernist perspective to assess these answers in the light of developments in scientific thought. The impact of all this knowledge in terms o social power, history and pedagogy, on society and its organization is assessed in the final section of the volume. It is earnestly hoped that his work will spur the debate further on these complex and fascinating philosophical problems.

About the Author

A.K. RAINA (41) is a professor of electrical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. He works in mathematical theories of control and information processing. His other scholarly interests are in the history of philosophy of science and civilizations. He occasionally writes poetry. He is also a fellow of IETE and a member of IEEE and a national expert of AICTE.

B.N. PATNAIK (57) is a professor of linguistics at the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur. He is a generative linguist and works in linguistic theory, philosophy of language and comparative linguistic traditions. He has published extensively on Oriya syntax. His other interests include Oriya literature and folklore.

He was a visiting fellow at Special Assistance Programme in Philosophy of Rajasthan University and at the Center for Advanced Study in Linguistics of Annamalai University. He was a visiting professor at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. He is a past vice-president of Dravidian Linguistics Association.

MONIMA CHADHA (30) is on the faculty of School of Philosophy, Linguistics and Bio-ethics, Monash University. She was earlier with the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur where she taught philosophy. She works in philosophy of language, Indian philosophy and philosophy of science. She is the author by Monish Distance Education Centre.


1. Grammatology, Effect and Truth in Science
Kalyan S. Basu
2. Symbols of Truth: Objectivity and Reality in Science
Sundar Sarukkai
3. Happy Positivism and its Melancholic Critics
V. Sanil
4. Metaphysical Bases of Science
A.K. Raina
5. Rationality and the limits of Reason
Mohini Mullick
6. On Understanding Ancient Indian Science
Subhash C. Kak
7. Yogic Origins of Scientific Proof
Navaratna S. Rajaram
8. Devication of Grammatical Sentences: Some
Observations on Ancient Indian and Modern
Generative Linguistic Frameworks
B.N. Patnaik
9. Traditions and Concept of Knowledge
Nirmalangshu Mukherji
10. History and Philosophy of Science,
and Science Education
Prajit K. Basu
11. Natural Kinds, Science and Power
Bhargavi V. Davar
12. Numbers and Narratives of Modernity
U. Kalpagam
13. Significance of Science and Tradition in the
Consciousness Movement- Presuppositions and Experiences
A. P. Shukala et al.
14. History of Science Movement in India
A.K. Biswas
Monima Chadha
List of Contributors 221

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