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Science of Divinity Or (Brahma Vigyana)

Science of Divinity Or (Brahma Vigyana)


Item Code: IDH275

by Swami Yogeshwaranand Saraswati


Yoga Niketan Trust, Rishikesh

Size: 9.1" X 6.3"
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We have great pleasure in presenting to the readers "Brahma Vijnana" in Hindi by Swami Yogeshwaranandji Saraswati, a great Yogi. The first and the second book of the series, namely the Ashtang Yoga and Atmavijnana have already been published. The present book is the third and the last in the sequence, and is meant specially for highly advanced aspirants. It gives a lucid exposition o the creation of the Universe and the methods of understanding the nature and functions of Prakriti, and of realizing the Brahma. This book is the result of fifty years of thinking and experimenting by the author. The value of the book lies in the fact that Swami Yogeshwaranandji Saraswati has described and explained what he has exactly visualized by his Yogic eye.

The Brahma Vijnana is the first book of its kind in Hindi. The principle expounded have been briefly stated in the ancient books, but the science of Yoga had been gradually disappearing during the course of past many centuries. Swamiji has now revived it by his personal experiments which he has embodied in this book for the benefit of humanity. We hope that the book will continue to give peace and spiritual joy to the readers for a long time to come.

In order to benefit by this book, the readers should follow the instructions and the methods enunciated in the External Yoga and the Science of Soul.

About the Author

Born in a respectable Hindu family, the author, Swami Yogeshwaranandji Saraswati left home, while yet in his teens, in quest of knowledge and higher life. His parents tried to dissuade him from the path he had decided to pursue, but they did not succeed. He came in contact with several scholars and great ascetics with whom he learnt Sanskrit and practice of Yogta. He travelled extensively all over India from Mount Kailash in the north to Rameshwaram in the south and from Shillong in the east to the western Punjab, but mostly in the Himalayas, by the majesty of which he felt deeply impressed. The internal ure which he had felt in his early boyhood continued to grow, and develop and, to devote himself intensively to the study and practice of Yoga and promote it he established Ashrams at Rishikesh, Uttarkashi and Gangotri. Now he moves generally in the area of these three places and inculcates the ways and the mysteries of Yoga to his disciples and inmates. He has met rulers, officers and millionaires who have been much influenced by his personality and life of deep devotion and complete renunciation.

This great Swami was Formerly known as Shri Vyas Deva. But in 1962 when he was formally initiated into Sanyas he adopted the name of Swami Yogeshwaranand Saraswati.

As he has personally Practised the various Samadhis and complete renunciation on which he puts special emphasis and has visualized soul and realized God he is doubtless an authority on the subject dealt with in this book. His life illustrates that practice is better than precept.

Chapter I
The Knowledge and Worship of Brahma in Cosmic Elements1
Chapter II
The subtle Earth Element23
Chapter III
Cosmic Water Mahabhuta54
Chapter IV
Cosmic fire Mahabhuta69
Chapter V
Cosmic Air Mahabhuta85
Chapter VI
Cosmic Space Mahabhuta100
Chapter I
Cosmic Smell Tanmatra114
Chapter II
Cosmic Taste Tanmatra143
Chapter III
Cosmic Form Tanmatra150
Chapter IV
Cosmic Touch Tanmatra163
Chapter V
Sphere of the Cosmic Sound Tanmatra170
Chapter VI
Rajas Ahankarika (Self-sense) Creation185
Chapter VII
Cosmic Rajas Genital Ahankarika Organ194
Chapter VIII
The sphere of the Rajas Ahankarika Foot Organ207
Chapter IX
The Sphere of the Cosmic Rajas Ahankarika Hand Organ215
Chapter X
The Sphere of the Cosmic Ahankarika Speech Organ224
Chapter XI
The Sattvic Ahankarika Creation239
Chapter XII
The Sphere of the Cosmic Tongue252
Chapter XIII
The Sphere of the Cosmic Eye262
Chapter XIV
Sphere of the Cosmic Touch Organ272
Chapter XV
Sphere of the Cosmic Hearing Organ278
Chapter XVI
The Sattvic and Rajas Ahankarika Creation-The Sphere of the Cosmic Mind285
Chapter XVII
The Ahankarika Creation295
Chapter I
Sphere of the Cosmic Tamas Ahankara300
Chapter II
Sphere of the Cosmic Rajas-Self love304
Chapter III
Sphere of the Cosmic Sattvic Ahankara307
Chapter IV
Sphere of the Cosmic Intellect310
Chapter V
Sphere of the Cosmic Chitta321
Chapter I
The Sphere of the Cosmic Mahat Tamas333
Chapter II
Sphere of the Cosmic Mahat Rajas343
Chapter III
Sphere of the Cosmic Mahat Sattva
Chapter IV
Sphere of the Cosmic Time376
Chapter V
Sphere of the Cosmic Direction 389
Chapter VI
Sphere of the Cosmic Great Space
Chapter VII
The Prakriti at the Cosmic Cause400
Liberation or Salvation411
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