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Tibetan Astronomy and Astrology – A Brief Introduction

Tibetan Astronomy and Astrology – A Brief Introduction


Item Code: NAC625
Paperback (Edition: 2009)

Sorig Literary Research Department: Men-Tsee-Khang
ISBN 8186419012

Size: 7.2 Inch X 4.8 Inch
Pages: 91
Weight of the Book: 80 gms
Price: $20.00
Discounted: $15.00   Shipping Free
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I am glad that the encouragement I have tried to give to the staff of the Astronomy and Astrology department has been fruitful. The department and I need to see how we can bring out more books on Tibetan Astro. Science, which is a fascinating subject for Tibetans, Indians and Westeners alike, and not have a long gap after bringing out this edition of Tibetan Astronomy and Astrology - A Brief Introduction.

I request that the staff of the Astronomy and Astrology department continue their good work, and from my part, I will do my best to encourage, publicise and finance them.

Preface to the Second Edition

The small book Tibetan Astronomy and Astrology: A Brief Introduction was first published in the year 1995 and was found to be useful by many readers; its initial printing has nearly sold out, making it timely to issue a reprint. However, I felt it necessary to make some important changes, additions, and corrections. Therefore, in this second edition, the author’s biographies have been updated; more questions have been added to the Frequently Asked Questions about Tibetan Astro. Science section, additional information is provided in the outline of Tibetan Horoscope, and a new CHART OF THE YEARS (1014 B.C. - 2046 A.D.) has been included. It is hoped that the CHART OF THE YEARS will be of help to Astro, practitioners, researchers and others in obtaining necessary information, regarding the correspondence between the Tibetan and Gregorian calendars and the Rab-Byung cycle. As the title suggests, this book is meant to provide interested readers a basic understanding of Tibetan Astro. Sciences and the role they play in the Tibetan Community and Culture. Included is a brief history of Tibetan Astro. Sciences and its different types of systems, the Tibetan almanac, and information regarding the 8 sParkhas, 9 sMewas, 12 animals, 5 Astrological and 5 Astronomical elements, amulets, different kinds of charts, and for whom exactly the charts need to be cast.

In the process of condensing and simplifying a complex system such as this, errors and omissions may have occured, for which the authors accept full responsibility. Questions and comments are welcomed as they can stimulate further dialogue about this interesting and useful field of study.


Foreword v
Acknowledgments vi
Preface to the Second Edition ix
Biographies 1
An Introduction to Tibetan Astro. Science 7
Late Professor Jampa G. Dagthon Translated by Jhampa Kalsang
Traditional Community Role of the Astro-Practitioner 25
Jhampa Kalsang rTsipa Kachupa, Lecturer
The Importance of Astro. Science in Medicine 29
Late Prof. Jampa G. Dagthon Translated by Jhampa Kalsang
Outline of the Tibetan Horoscope 39
Mrs. Tsering Choezon Astrologer
A Brief Introduction to Sridpa-Ho 57
Jhampa Kalsang Lecturer
Frequently Asked Questions about Tibetan Astro. Science 61
Mrs. Tsering Choezom Astrologer
Appendix: Chart of the Years 68
Mrs. Tsering Choezom Astrologr
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