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Paintings > Mughal > Women in Love
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Women in Love

Women in Love

Women in Love

Sold Out (Can be backordered)

Watercolor on Paper
Artist: Kailash Raj

8.5 inches X 11.9 inches
Item Code:
$303.75   Shipping Free - 4 to 6 days
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$101.25 (25%)
This item can be back ordered
Time required to recreate this artwork: 6 to 8 weeks
Advance to be paid now (% of product value): 20%
Balance to be paid once product is ready: 80%
The amount to be tendered as advance to back order this artwork: $81.00 $60.75
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Women in Love

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Viewed 13860 times since 1st Sep, 2010
This highly erotic painting, seeking to represent a lesbian couple engaged in enjoying wine and the sensuous game of love-making, an exact reproduction of a late eighteenth century miniature from Nagor, a sub-centre of Marwar painting style as it prevailed primarily at Jodhpur in Rajasthan, portrays a true picture of perversions that had routed into the lifestyle of Indian aristocracy, more so during eighteenth-nineteenth centuries. Paintings portraying homosexuality amongst males are often seen but such as represented homosexuality amongst females are quite rare. This painting, rendered pursuing in its exactness the earlier model from Nagor, attests that love among persons of the same sex, now a theme of world-wide discourse, revelation by celebrities and well-pitched voices for its legalization, had been a part of life even in medieval days. Not a vain fiction, the painting portrays the truth of the day for unless in actual practice enjoying sanction, whatever its degree or whichever the group granting it, a painting with a theme such as this, or any of the kind, particularly when rendered for a patron, usually the king, could not see the light of the day.

Lustful clasp, mad infatuation in eyes and every muscle and every limb bursting with the heat of passion, so much so that the garments worn have to struggle to contain them, all speak loud that terms like modesty do not work when it comes to enjoying the most intimate moments. It is a moment when the distinction that biology creates and gender identifies is completely abolished. Not a farcical or dramatic manipulation : one playing the male, and other, female, the two damsels are very much in their own beings, though far above their bodies they soar into the plane of absolute delight. The level of infatuation of both is the same, though the taller one in green headdress, the senior partner, with a wine-jar and goblet in her hands, almost riding over her, appears to be coaxing her junior companion who is almost in a compromising posture. In a mere blouse, unable to contain her swelling breasts, the zeal in her eyes is more fervent.

The faces of both have a glow though that on the face of the junior partner, combined with her youthfulness, is greater. The heat of passion, infused into their blood, has twisted their figures. Their birds-like eyes, fixed into a gaze, are charged with erotic desire. Their figures have been conceived with sharp pointed noses, cute small lips, broad foreheads, protruding rounded chins, well defined necks, and fine delicately modeled figures as if carved of ivory. They are seated against a huge bolster inside an arched balconied window framed with delicate ivory columns and lining. A beautiful wall carpet, designed with floral and leaf-patterns, and a broad border rendered in white and light colour-tones, comprises the window’s lower part – a railing type structure usually added to a window’s bottom for safety and privacy. The painting is contained in a multi-tiered border, the main component comprising flower-and-leaf design. The headdresses of the two ladies are exotic and characteristic to Nagor style.

This description by Prof. P.C. Jain and Dr. Daljeet. Prof. Jain specializes on the aesthetics of literature and is the author of numerous books on Indian art and culture. Dr. Daljeet is the curator of the Miniature Painting Gallery, National Museum, New Delhi. They have both collaborated together on a number of books.

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I love your site and although today is my first order, I have been seeing your site for the past several years. Thank you for providing such great art and books to people around the World who can't make it to India as often as we would like.
Heramba Ganapati arrived safely today and was shipped promptly. Another fantastic find from Exotic India with perfect customer service. Thank you. Jai Ganesha Deva
Marc, UK
I ordered Padmapani Statue. I have received my statue. The delivering process was very fast and the statue looks so beautiful. Thank you exoticindia, Mr. Vipin (customer care). I am very satisfied.
Hartono, Indonesia
Very easy to buy, great site! Thanks
Ilda, Brazil
Our Nandi sculpture arrived today and it surpasses all expectations - it is wonderful. We are not only pleasantly surprised by the speed of international delivery but also are extremely grateful for the care of your packaging. Our sculpture needed to travel to an off-lying island of New Zealand but it arrived safely because of how well it had been packaged. Based upon my experience of all aspects of your service, I have no hesitation in recommending Exotic India.
Best web site to shop on line.
Suman, USA
Thank you for having such a great website. I have given your site to all the people I get compliments on your merchandise.
Pat, Canada.
Love the website and the breadth of selection. Thanks for assembling such a great collection of art and sculpture.
Richard, USA
Another three books arrived during the last weeks, all of them diligently packed. Excellent reading for the the quieter days at the end of the year. Greetings to Vipin K. and his team.
Your products are uncommon yet have advanced my knowledge and devotion to Sanatana Dharma. Also, they are reasonably priced and ship quickly. Thank you for all you do.
Gregory, USA
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