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Shiva Lingas

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Pedestal for Worshipping Bhagwan Shiva with Images of 12 Jyoti Lingas
Brass and Wood Statue
5 inch x 6.3 inch x 6.3 inch
745 gms

Item Code: ZAJ40
Price: $225.00
Shiva Linga with Kettle for Abhisheka and Bowl for Collection
Brass and Bronze with Black Shiva Linga
6 inch x 5 inch x 3.3 inch - Shiva Linga
2.3 inch Kettle Height
1 inch Bowl Height
1.5 kg

Item Code: ZAI85
Price: $275.00
Small Shiva linga
Black Marble
2.7 inch x 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch
120 gms

Item Code: ZAK32
Price: $25.00
Shiva Linga
Brass Statue
2.7 inch x 2.4 inch x 1.5 inch
95 gms

Item Code: ZAJ76
Price: $25.00
Shiva Linga Assembly for Abhishek
Brass with Narmada Linga
9.7 inch x 5 inch x 5 inch
470 gms

Item Code: ZAJ88
Price: $80.00
Incense Burner Shiva Linga and Nandi
Brass Statue
3.5 inch X 4 inch X 4 inch
836 gms

Item Code: ZAD78
Price: $65.00
Mukha Lingam
Black Stone Statue
9 inch x 12 inch x 8 inch
8 kg

Item Code: ZAI95
Price: $595.00
Shiva Linga with the Great Serpent Shesh Canopying Over It
Brass Sculpture
13" X 10" X 4.5"
4.63 kg

Item Code: XB51
Price: $295.00
Shiva Linga
Brass Sculpture
4.6 inch X 5.5 inch X 3.5 inch
880 gms

Item Code: XF17
Price: $95.00
Lord Shiva Enshrined as Linga
10.5" X 5.5" X 8.0"
2.6 Kg

Item Code: ER53
Price: $165.00
Shiva Linga with Lotus Offering
Brass Sculpture
6.5" X 4.5 X 4.5"
1.6 Kg

Item Code: RQ19
Price: $125.00
Shiva Linga with Nagas
Brass Sculpture
14.0 inch X 14.0 inch X 8.5 inch
10.43 Kg

Item Code: RV46
Price: $495.00
Shiva Linga with Shiva’s Snakes Crowning It
Brass Sculpture
10.5 X 9.5" X 7.5"
5.51 Kg

Item Code: RP19
Price: $295.00
Best Deal: $236.00
Mukha Linga Protected by Five Hooded Serpent
Brass Sculpture
8" X 3.2" X 6"
1.73 Kg

Item Code: EM52
Price: $190.00
Ashta Mukha Linga
Brass Statue
9.5" X 5.6" X 5.6"
2.8 Kg

Item Code: EV25
Price: $325.00
Mukha Linga Protected by Five Hooded Serpent
Brass Statue
6.6" X 4.5" X 3.5"
1.35 Kg

Item Code: EM65
Price: $180.00
Mukha Linga
20.0" X 10.5" X 12.5"
15.9 Kg

Item Code: ES08
Price: $905.00
Ashta Mukha Linga
Brass Statue
9.0" X 6.0" X 6.0"
3.1 Kg

Item Code: ER85
Price: $240.00
A Prized Possession for Any Shaivite Devotee
Brass Statue
7.5" X 8.0" X 5.3"
2.4 kg

Item Code: ZJ13
Price: $170.00
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Showing 1 to 19 of 19 items in a total of 1 pages
Pages: 1 
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