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Jnana Marga in Bhagavan Ramana's Own Words

Jnana Marga in Bhagavan Ramana's Own Words


Item Code: IDI996

by Sanjay Lohia

Paperback (Edition: 2002)

Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning, Bangalore
ISBN 8185378908

Size: 5.1" X 4.1"
Pages: 108
Price: $5.00
Discounted: $3.75   Shipping Free
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Tradtionally, 'Jnana' marga, is the affirmation of one's identity with the Self. Each of the Vedas has one such affirmation expressed in the words, 'I am Brahman', 'Brahman am 'I', 'I am all' and 'All this is Brahman'. By their very nature these affirmations are conceptual, even though what is affirmed is only the truth. Ramana's 'Vichara' marga or the path of 'self-enquiry' is termed 'Jnana' marga. Bu it has its distinctness in emphasising that abidance in the natural state or in the Self and the experiencing of that state alone matters. The method is self-enquiry for Self-knowledge.

Sanjay Lohia, the compiler, who is an earnest practitioner of the way has gathered these pearls of wisdom from the innumerable answers which Ramana has given to seekers over fifty four years. Surely this task would not have been possible without Ramana's grace. This is a companion collection to his earlier 'Karma Marga in Bhagavan's Own Words'.

The Centre wishes to thanks him, Sri V. S. Ramana, President, Sri Ramanasramam, Sri Krishnan and Sri Ramesh, of Settype Graphics for making it possible to publish this valuable collection.


"Karma Marga in Bhagavan Ramana's Own Words" was well received by readers and devotees of Sri Bhagavan. This gave me encouragement to compile "Jnana Marga in Bhagavan Ramana's Own Words"

Bhagavan's words have the power to silence one's mind and make it pure.

As one goes through this compilation one would be able to experience the state of natural happiness.

I thank Sri A. R. Natarajan of Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning for publishing this book.

May Bhagavan bless this compilation also.

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