A Working Models For Diagnosis in Ayurveda

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Author: P. M. MADHU
Publisher: Kunnath Mana Ayuveda Books, Kerala
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788192017242
Pages: 176 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
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The present work unveils the principles of diagnosis in a new format. It well suited to the current students of Ayurveda. The salient feature of this book is that it focuses on the applicability and adaptability of our principles. For each part, there are evaluation, exercise and theme activities. All these presentation instills confidence in the learner on the theoretical foundations of Ayurveda. The current work also incorporates well the structural basis of the disease, the so called 'modern' understanding. The dilemma felt by the student when the 'modern' and 'ancient' taught as a heterogeneous mixture of ideas is really alarming. This makes the student to deviate from the Ayurvedic way of thought and he relays upon more on the 'modern'. Dr. Madhu's effort in many a way prevents this landslide.


Diagnosing or realizing the disease is of great interest to not only physicians but also patients and their relatives. A patient may present various symptoms to a physician. He may examine the patient with all the possible measures to elicit the signs. But before prescribing the medicines, is he sure about the final diagnosis?

Identification of the exact nature of the disease or 'The diagnosis' is an essential step in medical practice. Without proper diagnosis, all the interventions are nonscientific and non-ethical. At the same time, accurate diagnosis will be an indispensable lantern in the journey of healing. So in every scientific medical system, there are some chapters devoted to diagnosis based on their terms and principles. Indian medical system, ayurveda also is not an exception. This traditional knowledge base possesses very rich data regarding various signs, symptoms and excellent clinical measures to assess them. However, it is not an easy job perhaps for many to arrive at a correct diagnosis.

Evolving trend in ayurvedic field makes the physician very much obsessed to modern diagnostic measures and to go after them.Mere western conclusions cannot contribute much for the development of a sole system like ayurveda. So a thorough study on ayurvedic diagnostics, based strictly on its own principles, is very essential.

Initially there were only senses to perceive the ailments. Even then, ancient Indian physicians were able to diagnose and treat the condition in line with their intuition built up on the basis of long term experience and perception. Later,as the medical science advanced, men studied the human body in detail and tried to probe in to the deep levels of the body facts, creating new measures and methods. The sprouting world of science has created so many sophisticated techniques. Now a days, people depend more on these measures to find out the facts, though the accuracy of many of them remain controversial even among the scientists. In spite of the scientific researches and inventions, human body and mind remain a mystic entity through decades. Hence it is the need of the time to grow beyond the modem diagnostic conclusions with the lamp of age old wisdom to the vast world of perceptions. Ayurvedic physicians can build up the enormous awareness through continuous efforts and sharpening thoughts.

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