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The Gorgeous Gemstone of Inner Wisdom: Pearl

Pearls have been adorned by women for generations to come, but there’s more to pearls than just ornamental value. They also have various healing properties attached to them. They are often described as hard, glistening, precious stones with a crystalline form. It comes from within the soft tissue of a shelled mollusc. Pearls that are cultured and farmed are derived from pearl oysters or freshwater mussels. As these pearls are derived from the fossils of these sea creatures, they are composed of calcium carbonate. The pearls that are commonly sold as gems are iridescent with a subtle sheen. While they are most commonly found in a circular shape, they are also found in other shapes such as the baroque pearl. Its distinctive luster is based on the reflection, diffraction and refraction of light across the different translucent layers of the pearl. The iridescence of the pearls occurs due to the overlapping of successive layers that stop the light from reaching the surface of the stone. The quality of a pearl can be determined by its metallic shimmer that resembles that of a mirror. Apart from their physical attributes, pearls are known for their healing gifts. They are commonly perceived as a gemstone of purity, balance and inner wisdom. 

According to Vedic Astrology, pearls are linked to the planets, Moon and Venus. This suggests that the gemstone carries with it the luminous energy of water and a sense of harmony. It is highly beneficial to those belonging to the sun signs - Aries, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Varieties of Pearls

We commonly associate the word, ‘pearl’ with white luminescent orbs of beauty, however, they come in various other forms and colors as well, some of which are: 

  • Tahiti Black Pearls

  • Natural Pearls

  • Cultured Pearls

  • Mother-of-Pearl 

Healing Properties of Pearls

Pearls are quite often perceived to be introspective gems. This suggests that these gems encourage you to look within and acquire sublime inner wisdom. However, this is not the only property of these beautiful gems. They also encompass various other benefits that pertain to the mind, body and soul. 

  • Pearls represent balance and it is reflected in their ability to bring harmony to the body. It is also a great gem for lung ailments and lowers the effects of asthma and bronchitis. 

  • They also have healing properties that are useful in the overall health of the heart, liver and kidney. 

  • They are also known to help with hypertension and headaches. 

  • With great feminine energy, pearls are also highly beneficial to pregnant women. 

  • Emotionally, pearls are known to balance your hormones and soothe emotions. 

  • They are also known to help you be more optimistic about life and let go of anxiety, apprehensions and negative energies.

  • Known to be associated with balance and wisdom, pearls are strongly connected to the third eye chakra. 

Pearls are often worn as earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Due to its durability, it is made to last you throughout your journey in this life. 


Q1. What do pearls symbolize? 

Pearls are intrinsically connected to the rhythms of the oceans and seas, to Mother Nature and all it offers. Attributing to the movement of water that is captured within these gems, pearls welcome us to dive deeper into our inner selves and discover ourselves and gain wisdom from within. Thus, they are symbolic of peace, tranquility and perception.

Q2. In Indian traditions, what is the significance of pearls? 

According to Vedic texts, pearls are considered the daughters of the moon that forms the connection between heaven and Earth. In the Holy Quran, they are portrayed as perfect gems that are found in paradise.