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Mandala - Your Best Meditation Partner

Mandalas have skin-deep symbolism when it comes to Buddhist teachings. It represents different universal aspects and acts as a guide while meditating. With its circular pattern, the mandala indicates the process of Buddha’s mind in an ideal form and the central dot as a symbol that is free of all dimensions, and an unidentified end as well as a start. The lines and circles that surround the dot typify the universe and the never-ending nature of the life cycle that shows how everything is intertwined. 

Exotic India curates Mandala jewelry that helps the wearer to help focus during meditation, as the designs help eliminate or flush out unwanted thoughts, images while encouraging the mind to relax and let the creative juices flow. Mandalas help in grounding and centering the body and mind. 

Mandala jewelry gently nudges the wearer to understand the universal law of how everything is one and that we’re never alone and also come at peace with ourselves and find stillness within. Mandala helps transform an ordinary mind into an enlightened one by assisting us with meditation and helping us find the answers to our questions. Mandala jewelry is a sign of beginning a spiritually awakened journey of life.