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Coral Gemstone Bracelets – Mystical Opulence in Every Bead

There is something magical about the appearance of the Coral gemstone that women are naturally drawn to its elegance and beauty. Its deep red shade is reminiscent of the earthly treasure. Its versatile look allows women to wear the Coral bracelet either casually or on any special occasion as it can be well paired with every outfit. It is for this reason that this jewelry is most adored and loved by women across the world.

Exotic India has curated a delightful collection of Coral studded Sterling bracelets for women who want to stand out from the crowd and make an impression, showcasing their unique personality and style. A piece of jewelry can either make or break your look. When it comes to the Coral gemstone, be rest assured of receiving a shower of admiration from others. Its aesthetic visual appeal is enough to attract all eyes your way. The basic structure and clasps of our bracelets are made of the whimsical alloy of pure silver and copper known as sterling silver. Its natural soft shine does not agitate eyes, rather, when adorned on the wrist, the bracelet becomes the center of attraction. The combination of the smooth and polished Coral beads and the gleaming sterling silver is indeed mystical. These jewelry bracelets also feature other gemstones along with the lovely Coral gem.

The gemstone adds a pop of color to the jewelry piece while also adding glamour to one’s ensemble. All these masterpieces come in different clasp styles that appear gracious and provide secure comfort. Remember, when you are adorning one of our Coral bracelets, you are not just wearing a piece of jewelry, but are embracing the unparalleled beauty of nature.

Q. Can I wear a Coral studded sterling silver bracelet every day?

Yes, sterling silver is a highly durable material and is less prone to tarnish. The Coral gemstone is considered hard enough and thus can be worn every day. The majestic pop of reddish color of Coral bracelets grants an opulent look even when complemented with a basic outfit. However, taking regular care of these precious bracelets for everyday use is essential in order to maintain their timeless elegance and beauty.

Q. How durable is Coral as a gemstone?

Lapis Lazuli is relatively a durable gemstone but not as durable as diamond or sapphire. It can withstand normal wear and tear but proper care and handling should be taken of Coral jewelry bracelets to avoid getting any scratches or abrasions on their surface.

Q. How to clean and maintain Coral bracelets?

Gemstone studded bracelets require extra care compared to plain sterling silver bracelets. To avoid any accumulation of dust on their surface, regular cleaning of these bracelets with a soft cloth or cotton swab should be done. Avoid wearing them while performing sporting activities and do not spray perfumes on them. When not in use, store them in an airtight container, and separate them from other jewelry pieces to maintain their natural brilliant shine and appearance.