Woven Flowers Two Ply Fashion Mask with Cotton-Backing from Jaipur
  • Purple Green
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Batik Print Two Ply Fashion Mask with Cotton-Backing
  • Amberglow
  • Molten Lava
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Two ply Silk Fashion Mask with Cotton-Backing
  • Brown Patina
  • Grape Leaf
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7.0 inches x 5.5 inches
Two-Ply Fashion Mask from Jharkhand with Block Printed Pattern
  • Black And Beige
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7.0 inches x 3.5 inches
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Ashtamangala Two ply Fashion Mask from Banaras
  • Methyl Blue
  • Urban Red
More Colors
7.0 inches x 5.5 inches
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Stay Protected In Style – Designer Face Masks Collection

Our collection of uniquely crafted designer masks is your fashion statement, also serving the functional needs at the same time. Exotic India is renowned for bringing the element of the artistic culture of India practically to products in every space and corner of your life, and as such, our face masks also reflect the traditions of India. Handcrafted from luxurious silk, breathable cotton, soft crepe, and durable polyester, these masks are the perfect blend of utility and fashion.

Whether you’re in a formal event or causally stepping out of your home, these will be your perfect companion to suit your personality while also providing you with safety measures. Sustainability is one of the main features of each designer face mask in this collection; they can be washed after every use and are reusable. But the distinctive key feature is that they are adorned with different designs and patterns and come in a wide range of attractive colors. Some of our respirator masks are decorated with hand-painted colorful Madhubani motifs which are a feast for the eyes. Pure silk masks feature fascinating Ikat patterns preserving the legacy of Pochampally handlooms. We also have masks which are enhanced by the Banarasi Katan brocade work that can add a touch of regal traditionality to your overall attire. Block-printed Warli, Bandhani, and threaded embellishment are some other types of enhancements in the mask designs. All our masks come with adjustable ear loops assuring comfortable and secure wear to you.

These are not just pieces of sewn fabric but are the perfect accessories for all your ethnic and contemporary ensembles. Explore the assortment, pick your favorite masterpiece, and embrace the combination of traditional art and modern functionality.

Q. How do these face masks stand out from regular masks?

Face masks at Exotic India are handcrafted with a focus on seamlessly blending comfort, protection, and fashion to fulfill the functional needs of the wearer with style. They incorporate traditional designs, motifs, and patterns which bring an element of fascination. This sets them apart from regular face masks.

Q. Are designer masks suitable for everyday use?

Suitable for everyday use, our designer face masks are made from a variety of top-quality materials such as cotton, silk, crepe, polyester, and art silk. Every time you wear one of our masks, it will provide you with a breathable and comfortable experience. The traditional adornment on each mask is the main attraction, making it your go-to accessory with any type of outfit.

Q. How do I care for my designer face mask to ensure longevity?

These designer face masks are reusable and can be washed multiple times. To ensure the longevity of your mask, consider only handwashing with a mild detergent to maintain the quality and embellishment of the fabric.