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The Performing Arts of India

Exotic India’s selection of performing arts brings you the vivid and transcendent culture of India. Our collection includes books on music, teach yourself guides, and biographies of famous performers. We even have books that cover the realm of film, drama, and more. Whatever book you are looking for on the performing arts of India, we make it available.


You can experience the history, development, and grandeur of India’s performing arts with these works. We offer a wide range of topics, giving you an endless supply of ways to study and enjoy Indian performing arts. It is a collection almost as big as the world of Indian performing arts itself.


We can supply you with stories and histories of musicians and musical forms spanning the entire subcontinent, from northern India to the southern tip. We have texts on the instruments unique to the country. We also have a vast collection of books on Indian cinema — one of the most beloved filmmaking cultures in the world. And this only scratches the surface of what Exotic India has to offer. Plus, all of these are available to be shipped to your door with a few clicks. It’s an education in the performing arts unlike any other, and it is only available through Exotic India.


These books celebrate and inform readers about all the wonderful cultural creations that India has given us. These are ways to connect (or reconnect) to the history and contemporary works that make up the arts of this country.


Exotic India makes this enormous collection available to bring an understanding and appreciation of the performing arts of India to the entire world. We continue to lovingly curate our collection to deliver every option available.