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Your Dream Earrings Collection: Finest Luxurious designs

If you are looking for wholesale earrings which are beyond compare and exhibit unique designs and craftsmanship, this collection is for you. When it comes to donning accessories on special occasions such as weddings and festivals to look elegant and opulent, stone-studded or inlay ornaments can never go off. The soothing sparkling gemstone surrounded by the lustrous sterling silver appears no less than a dreamscape. We believe every woman has her own preferences and tastes when buying luxurious Indian jewelry and this collection at Exotic India ensures that there is something for every woman to choose from to get that charming look that she always dreams of.

Here in this vast collection, Exotic India Art offers you a wide range of fascinating earrings that you can add to your outfit ensemble to create a cohesive and fashionable statement. These jewelry earrings come in a lot of five and at a wholesale price; to suit your budget. A piece of jewelry can either make or break your look. But if you put on opulent jewelry, you are sure to captivate many hearts wherever you go.

There is something about Nepalese inlay earrings that adds a pop of color and sparkle even to a basic outfit. Traditional in their appeal, they feature the revered Swayambhunath (a temple located in Nepal) deity eyes. Each earring is distinct in its color and offers a sublime mood to the wearer. Our faceted gemstone earrings are to be found nowhere else. The base structure of each masterpiece is made of sterling silver and showcases applauding craftsmanship. The soothing silvery finish of sterling silver complements the lovely hue of each gemstone in a mystical manner. But if you love donning simple and sophisticated Indian earrings, you must check out our basic sterling silver earrings that have perfect finishing and feature beautiful designs, perfect for everyday wear. Pick up your favorite earring delights and be a standout.

Q. Are gemstone studded sterling silver earrings durable?

Yes, gemstone-studded sterling silver earrings are highly durable and can withstand wear and tear. The Sterling silver alloy is stronger and more durable than pure silver and the embellishment of gemstones is done through various methods such as prong setting, channel setting, and pave setting to ensure their security.

Q. What makes Peridot earrings special?

Peridot gemstone is distinctive from other gems based on its color. The unique vibrant green color of Peridot makes it appear aesthetic and thus attracts everyone’s eyes toward it. This is the reason why it is a popular choice for making opulent and fascinating earrings for women.

Q. How should I care for gemstone studded sterling silver jewelry?

You must store your jewelry piece in a clean box when not in use to prevent it from getting tarnished. Do not expose it much to sunlight and harsh chemicals that would take away its brilliant shine. When cleaning, use a soft cloth to remove any accumulated dust on the surface.