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The colourful, magical door to healing your chakras - Gem Therapy

Gem Therapy depends on the Chinese idea of life-energy and the Hindu or Buddhist idea of chakras: seven central focuses of profound power in the human body that link the physical and spiritual world. The conviction behind the chakra reasoning of diseases is that illness in any of these specific regions is brought about by an irregularity in energy. Gemstones are utilized to channel positive healing energy into our bodies and assist gem treatment by eliminating bad vibrations that might be blocking an individual's well-being. 

The essential standards of gem therapy are the healing features doled out to every gemstone. Amethysts, for example, will be recommended for somebody with gastrointestinal issues; green aventurine will support forestalling coronary illness, and yellow topaz is used to reinforce our attention span and increase concentration and focus. Gem Therapy likewise advances the utilization of talismans/charms during an individual's day-to-day existence, as an approach to treating or forestalling sickness. This might incorporate moving from one place to another with a gem in your pocket or tote, putting them under a cushion while you rest, or wearing a defensive gemstone on your body as adornments. Gemstone when put on the body gives more impact to the wearer. It is smarter to wear a gemstone alongside the planetary metal according to a person's local chart.

For instance, a ruby ring made of gold can be worn on the ring finger to accomplish a name, success, and fame. Wearing the same coloured dress as the gemstone upgrades its impact. Wearing a gemstone on the skin likewise helps with opening the obstructed Chakras in the body through a variety of treatments. It is accepted that the human quality comprises nine tones, specifically: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, infra-red, and bright ultraviolet. Any lack of these varieties disturbs the body's energy balance leading to sickness. Gemstones recuperate by reestablishing the equilibrium of the nine tones. An expert gem therapist places different gemstones or precious stones on various regions of a person's body known as chakra points. These are situated on the brow, throat, chest, gut, stomach, and genital regions.

  • The lowest base chakra is situated on the right at the lower part of the spine. This chakra is connected with our essential requirements: security and stability.

  • Next is the sacral chakra that lies between your pelvic bowl and your navel. This energy community is associated with sexuality, want, and reproduction.

  • The third chakra is known as the sun-oriented plexus chakra. It is the energy point of our bodies and decides our concentration, will, and drive.

  • The fourth chakra is situated around your heart and connected to our profound well-being, love, and empathy.

  • Squarely in the throat is the chakra that manages communication.

  • In the brow, simply over the throat chakra in between the eyes is the third eye associated with instinct and spiritual mindfulness.


Q1. Can gemstones be worn on the left hand of an individual?

In General, all shastras-consecrated texts have the consistent view that men ought to wear the Gemstones in the right hand and women ought to wear the Gemstones in the left hand. This is the thumb rule that gives great outcomes.

Q2. Which finger is apt for adorning the birthstone?

Wearing a birthstone ring on the little finger (or pinkie) is a method for offering a particular expression. However little, the little finger draws in more consideration than the thumb, in all honesty. This makes it an optimal area to wear a birthstone-gracing devotion to an organization, cause, or family.