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Comprehending The Healing Potency Of The Gemstone Of Renewal: Amber

Quite different from other gemstones, Amber is formed out of fossilized tree resin. While it is most popularly used in the form of jewelry, it has also been used in decor pieces. There have been several accounts of this gemstone being used in the field of ancient folk medicine as well. It is considered a rare gem due to the presence of animal and plant materials in it. It is usually found in the colors orange and brown, exhibiting varying transparencies. 

Amber has long captivated crystal enthusiasts due to its historic energy and rich natural warmth. Amber walks the line between being a rare stone and a wise old tree, thereby carrying the weight and wisdom of eons. While the birth of these gems is unknown, it is known to have tentatively existed for over 30-90 million years. Composed of hardened pine tree resin, this gem is one of the world’s most ancient treasures. 

Amber has accumulated quite a collection of folk tales and fables over the years due to its ancient life span. It was known as the Soul of the Tiger in Asia, as a sign of courage and power. This stone, without a doubt, awakens your spirit. It is also popularly treasured as a gemstone of renewal. It detoxifies spaces, places, and people while also protecting you from negative energies.

Amber is the birthstone of Leo and is said to be beneficial for Aquarians as well. 

Healing Properties of Amber

Amber is a healing talisman as well as a magnificent good luck charm. The energy of this beautiful gem can be described as fiery, warm and balanced. The purpose of this gem in an individual’s life is to invoke a sense of calm and peace and healing into their lives. Finding its origin in ancient trees, this stone carries the wisdom and energy of generations past into today’s world. It nourishes us and equips us with all of the instruments we need to fully heal ourselves. The other healing benefits of Amber include: 

  • This crystal can be used to relieve pain, boost immunity, as well as provide a quick energy boost to those suffering from lethargy and idleness. 

  • Amber is rich and warm, making it an excellent choice for those suffering from the common cold, fevers, headaches, and respiratory problems.

  • It boosts metabolism, increases energy levels, and even revives tissues.

  • Amber is an excellent tool for absorbing negative emotions. It removes negativity and substitutes it with optimism, self-reliance and a level-headed mindset.

  • Since Amber has a strong protective quality, it protects us from situations and people who could cause harm to us, as well as pacifies the voice of our negativity.

  • Amber is closely connected to the sacral chakra.


Q1. How can the power of Amber be harnessed to its full potential? 

Wearing Amber close to the skin is one of the greatest ways to invite its warmth into your life. Amber has been used as jewelry, not only because it is beautiful and decorative, but also because that is how it best heals, for many generations. Amber can send healing vibrations to where they are most needed when it comes into direct contact with the skin. Wearing it allows you to carry the elements of Amber with you, protecting your aura and keeping your chakras balanced and cleansed.

Q2. What are the most popular uses of Amber? 

It is most commonly used in the practices of feng shui and reiki healing. With feng shui, it acts as a protective stone and safeguards the energies of your home, while in reiki healing it is used to open up the sacral chakra to allow creative self-expression, passion and intimacy.