Jacquard Silk Kurta Pajama Set With Tassels Stole For Men
  • Cool Blue
  • Royal Violet
  • Davy Grey
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Three Piece White Kurta Pajama Set with Poly-Jute Waistcoat
  • Khaki
  • Lollipop Red
  • Seaport
  • Silver
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Wedding Kurta Pajama Set with Jacquard Woven Bootis All-Over
  • Surf The Web
  • Ruby Wine
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Floral Pattern Jacquard Silk Indo Western Set With Churidar Pajama
  • Celestial Blue
  • Venetian Red
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Pure Cotton Pathani Kurta Pajama Set
  • Pink
  • Sky
  • Tuffet
  • White
  • Coral
  • Black
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Wedding Kurta Pajama Set with Embroidered Collar and Jacquard Woven Paan Leaves
  • Ocean Depths
  • Pool Green
  • Royal Blue
  • Burnt Ochre
  • Garnet
  • Inca Gold
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Waistcoat with Diamond Weave and Front Pockets
  • Bison
  • Gold Fusion
  • High Risk Red
  • Mandarin Orange
  • Dutch Blue
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Waistcoat with Single Check Weave and Front Pockets
  • Biscuit
  • Tango Red
  • Dazzling Blue
  • Orange Peel
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Plain Pure Linen Modi Jacket
  • Salmon
  • Sweet Lilac
  • Gleam Green
  • Lavender Gray
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Silk Blend Banarasi Brocade Jamawar Rich Motif Modi Jacket
  • Black
  • Maroon
  • Navy Blue
  • Gold
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Wedding Waistcoat with Digital-Printed Florals all over
  • Jetblack
  • Navy Blue
  • Provincial Blue
  • Eggshell Blue
  • Golden Mist
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Cotton Silk Brocade Ogee Pattern Sherwani with Churidar Pajama
  • Ivory And Blue
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Cotton Silk All-Over Ogee Pattern Sherwani Only Top
  • Beige And Blue
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Nehru Jacket with Double Check Pattern and Front Pockets
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Excalibur
  • Pastel Lavender
  • Placid Blue
  • Ash
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Waistcoat with Woven Diagonal Stripes and Front Pockets
  • Caviar Black
  • Design Blue
  • Oxblood Red
  • Summer Melon
  • Thyme Green
  • Charcoal Gray
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Plain Wedding Waistcoat with Front Pockets
  • Jet Black
  • French Blue
  • Silver
  • Swedish Blue
  • Egret White
  • Champagne Beige
  • Rust
  • Mellow Buff
  • Bison
  • Coffee Liqueur
  • Deep Blue
  • Brick Red
  • Strawberry Cream
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Plain Wedding Kurta Pajama with Embroidery on Neck
  • Teal Green
  • Aqua Marine
  • Black
  • Bright White
  • Griffin Gray
  • Lambs Wool
  • Rosewood
  • Almond Buff
  • Nile Green
  • Banana Grape
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Intricate Chikankari Kurta Pajama Set
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
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Q1. What color kurta should I wear to a wedding?

Wedding ceremonies in India adhere to a range of different customs and dress regulations due to the large number of different states and faiths that exist within the country. People who live in the north, particularly in the province of Punjabi, have a reputation for being rather vocal, and during the midnight wedding rites that they practice, they frequently wear brightly colored clothing. On the other hand, residents of the south side choose their clothing decisions in accordance with their daily routines and even, on occasion, their natural skin tones. It is possible to make a kurta seem amazing by using colors like red, orange, various shades of yellow, and blue, which are all color options that are now considered to be fashionable.

Q2. Is a kurta suitable for a wedding?

The perfect wedding day look for you can be achieved with an Indo-Western kurta if you make it out of velvet or silk. This is because both velvet and silk are considered to be extremely opulent fabrics. Add some flair to your wedding look by layering a jacket over your indo-western kurta. If you want to appear more put together, this is one step you can take. You have the option of doing this one thing to set yourself apart from the other tourists. Using this, you can achieve a look that is more distinct than would be possible without it.

Q3. Can we wear white kurta at weddings?

The white kurta is the suitable attire for formal occasions such as a wedding. Attending the reception in nothing but your white pajamas and a white kurta because that's all you've got to wear as a member of the bridal party is perfectly fine. A white kurta pajama is not appropriate attire for the wedding reception, so don't wear one if you plan on staying for the after party or coming back the next day. Put on something else, like a cocktail dress or a suit, instead. It really doesn't matter if the wedding reception occurs on the same day as the ceremony or not.

Q4. How many days should you wear pajamas?

If they are a second layer, they should be washed once every two to three days, if they are soiled, and if they need to be washed at all. If there is one topic on which the great majority of experts agree, it is this: If you have a habit of sweating while sleeping, you should wash your pajamas more regularly, if not every day. Sweat can allow germs to proliferate, which can lead to a range of health issues. Take care of them in the same manner you would a garment worn on a really hot day or training gear, when you tend to perspire more strongly. This will make them last as long as possible.

Q5.      What is the purpose of a kurta?

The kurta may be traced back to the top body covers used by nomadic tribes in Central Asia in the late ancient and early medieval periods. Those garments were commonly called chadors. Contrarily, the kurta has experienced a style mutation through the ages, notably in South Asia, to become a garment that can be worn on a daily basis in addition to being worn for more formal events. The kurta has evolved into a versatile garment suitable for both everyday and special events. This has allowed the kurta to evolve into an item of clothing that may be worn in several situations.

Q6.      When should a kurta be worn?

Kurtas are generally considered and recognised as one of the most acceptable items of clothing to wear to a range of occasions, including those that are informal, religious, or associated to weddings, in India as well as other south Asian nations. They have garnered a great lot of respect and adoration as a result of this appreciation and acknowledgement. This includes the situations in which they are worn for special events such as weddings. Because of the relaxed fit, kurtas are not only practical, but also quite pleasant to wear. This is one reason why they are so popular.

Q7.      Are kurta pajamas good for wedding?

Men typically wear the traditional garb known as a kurta pajama to many kinds of cultural events, including weddings and Indian festivals. This is true whether we're talking about an Indian celebration or a wedding. That is true even if the occasion being mentioned is not a wedding. This being the case, it really doesn't matter what we're commemorating. Because of their flexibility, these types of gatherings are recommended for usage at a broad variety of events, including weddings. Women and girls are discouraged from taking part in the activity to the same degree as men.

Q8.      Why do people wear kurta pajamas?

A versatile dress, it may be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. It's a great item of apparel because of how many ways you can wear it. You may dress it up as you like. These styles are worn by a sizable number of people even in the workplace. Kurta pajamas are rapidly rising in popularity as one of the most sought-after alternatives because of the exceptional ease they give. This is why there are so many variants of pajamas on the market today. Kurta pajamas are the most popular choice for sleeping attire among Indian males.

Q9.      What should I wear in kurta pajamas?

Wearing a shawl with your kurta pajama will help you channel your inner modern-day maharajah. Try wrapping yourself in a shawl the next time you want to give the impression that you have invested more time and energy into your appearance. If you are looking for an accessory to wear to events that can be classified as semi-formal, plain cotton shawls are an excellent choice to make. You can accessorize your outfit with one of these shawls in a variety of ways. Dressing in silk or clothing that features elaborate embroidery is appropriate attire for occasions that are regarded as having the highest level of formality.

Q10.      What should be the height of kurta pajamas?

At its fullest point, a kurta worn by an Indian man should have a length that is roughly 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) below the knee. This is the suggested length for the garment. Because of its adaptability and versatility, the kurta is an important piece of clothing in Indian fashion. It may be worn in a wide range of ways. In spite of this, one of the most intriguing characteristics of the kurta is the absence of specific guidelines for how it should be worn; rather, each individual has their own method that they find to be most comfortable.

Q11. Can we wear coats over kurta pajamas?

If you put a coat on top of your kurta pajama set, people might think you are wearing something completely different than what you are. When getting ready for a wedding or other traditional event, a coat with traditional embroidery can do a lot to make the whole kurta look more elegant and beautiful. This can be especially helpful if the wedding is in a traditional place. This is very important to remember, especially if the wedding will be in a more traditional place. On the other hand, your men's kurta might look better with a simple cotton coat over it. This would give it a look of effortless sophistication and make it stand out from the crowd.

Q12. Can we wear shoes with kurta pajamas?

A traditional kurta-pajama set can be brought into the present day and made to feel more contemporary if it is worn with shoes that are designed to be worn on a daily basis and are appropriate for the occasion. This is an example of traditional garb meeting culture that is at the forefront of fashion at the moment. If you believe that taking such a risk would put too much of a strain on your finances, a safer alternative would be to wear formal brogues. By doing so, people will have the impression that you are in command of the current situation.