We asked customers why they love Exotic India

We recently asked our customers to share stories about why they love Exotic India. From browsing for hard to find books on Hindu Philosophy to finding the finest Indian statues and paintings, for efficient delivery throughout the world, discover some of the reasons why our customers love Exotic India.

A Jha, United States - "I’ve purchased a couple of statues from Exotic India. They’re truly beautiful and highly detailed. Packaging is extremely secure, shipping is fast and communication is excellent. I will definitely purchase from them again because I can be sure of a positive and hassle free transaction which is not often the case when ordering internationally."

Sandeep, India - "They have an excellent customer service and deliver extremely beautiful idols. I seriously appreciate their commitment and passion for delivering the most beautiful idols I have ever seen. I have purchased many times from exotic India and I can close my eyes and give you the assurity about the quality and the service provided by their whole team. Prices are reasonable and have a vast collection to select from. Definitely look forward to purchase from Exotic India Art even in the coming future."

"Exotic India Art provides excellent customer service by interacting in a professional,friendly,trustworthy and helpful manner. It strives for a high quality out put by maintaining a high level of standards. I've been a customer since 2020. Company holds a high level of a retention focused strategy which enables to provide and extract more value from their loyal customers. Best of all is their after sale service !! Any customer related issues or shipping issues are proactively addressed. Hence this helps a customer to be happy and build their trust in the company. Further Exotic India Art expresses it's gratitude by giving discounts to loyal customers together with a thank you note. Exotic India Art is constantly innovating new products and services incorporating new features and benefits through modern technology!! This creates the 'WOW' factor for customers and the company continues to glow!!"

- Girija, United Kingdom

Yirmeyahu, Canada - "Wow, where do I start? I have bought several statues from exoticindiaart.com. I have never seen anyone package items so well. I mean it, never. I never have to worry about an issue arising due to faulty packaging and if something were ever to happen, I have complete faith that Yash would take care of it."

That is another thing! Yash’s communication and kindness cannot be over stated. I have never met the man but I feel like he is a friend, that’s how well he communicates. He is knowledgeable on the items they have in stock, very fast to respond, and super patient.

It feels really good knowing that the art I buy from Exoticindiaart.com is of utmost quality, coming from good hands, and that all needs are met. This is definitely the first place I look when buying art. It’s an exceptional business.

"I have not been to their showroom physically however, i have ordered from their website multiple times. mostly original paintings. they have an exceptional collection of original paintings done by the most skilled artists in India. I have ordered myself, madhubani, mughal as well as pattachitra and i am proud to say they are among my most favored art work collections. Yash with whom i communicate mainly is extremely responsive and gets back to me with answers to my questions anytime of the day. I am very happy with their service and will be buying from them again"

- Arghyadeep, United States

Hitesh, United States - "I’ve been an Exotic India customer for several years now. To say I’m satisfied would be an understatement. They distinguish themselves from the competition in several ways:"

1) They maintain such a deep inventory of books. I focus on ancient Sanskrit literature, and I can say with confidence that they have the deepest collection, and ties with ALL the publishing houses - big and small

2) A highly intuitive and detailed website as well as mobile app. Features such as page snapshots and book details make it very easy to determine what you are buying and even the condition it is in

3) Almost white glove shipping experience. They take utmost care to ship their products overseas (India to U.S., for example) and the material arrives as expected

4) A very knowledgeable and congenial staff that helps sort through any issues, should you encounter them. Needless to say when you order often, there will be a need to return or change something. They are very flexible and understanding in all respects

In summary, they are an incredible positive entity that’s doing a great job promoting Indian culture, and doing it the right way.

Rakesh, India - "We are a regular customer of Exotic India. It is the only one-stop shop for all things ethinc. It is a pleasure interacting with their team. Their passion for the job exceeded our expectations."

"The idols, books were of excellent quality & invaluable. The customer care was very professional & offered precise & fast solutions. I thank & wish them best for preservation & propagation of Indian Culture, Spirituality & Religion."

- Hrushikesh, India

Abhilasha, India - "I've bought a pair of brass elephants with inlay work and a Ram Darbar Tanjore painting from this site. The products are actually better than what they appear on the website. The craftsmanship is neat and very very reasonably priced. They answer queries promptly and products are delivered on the dot. This online store is a paradise for Indian art lovers. A big thumbs up."

Latha, India - "Exotic India Art website has an amazing collection of brass statues and paintings. The prices are reasonable, and the quality of the products are impressive. My brass statues were well packaged and were delivered on time. The staff are very customer friendly. Definitely my favorite shop to buy anything related to Indian house decor."